Which God or Temple Idol Can Cure Cancer?

She is just 24 and diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. She was a rationalist and no one in her family forced her to believe in God. It seems her doctor advised her to pray to God. Some brokers in the conversion business told her that there is only one God and He can cure her. Incidentally, she is an Australian.

“Sir, I have been told that there is only ONE God. But I am confused about this as I don’t have any ‘faith’ background. I have come across your website and read a lot of articles written by you, which gave me some hope. I am even ready to go to any Hindu temple…” a WhatsApp message from her.

“The single God story is the most kiddish non-sensical joke in the world,” I said.


“If there is one God, there can be many Gods. Logic is the same. ‘There is only one God’ is a belief. ‘There are many Gods’ also a belief. Both beliefs cannot be proved. However, the single God theories actually prove that there are many Gods!”

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by Udaylal Pai (Author)

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