painting by-byronMy friend Muthuswamy told me: “I have read almost all religious and spiritual scriptures. I have also visited most of the famous temples in India. I have done most of the rituals, homas (homam or havan) and poojas (prayer ritual). I do yoga regularly. Still I am not becoming Sthitaprajna (emotionally stable, tranquility, desire-less, Satisfied etc) and get fully enlightened”


“You are a spiritual person…Please help me in this regard…” he said.
“Muthu, if you slap in my face or call me names, I would have forgiven you. But calling me “spiritual” is very much insulting. That word is a cliché. The very word makes me feel nauseous….It is okay if you call me selfish or materialistic. I do not see any separation between anything spiritual and material. I see the divine presence in everything…”

“But how can you be happy being materialistic? How can you be free or liberate yourself in this attached life?”Please continue reading at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N9PAGLT

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  1. Vishwas says:

    Great article !!!
    There is a saying in Sanksrit “Yadheva vidyaya karothi”. If you recite anything, you are spiritual, but if you know what you are reciting, this is knowledge. This brings power.
    Hence what ever you do, know about it then believe in it and then do it !!

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