When Human Becomes Powerful than God


Do you know which is the second longest text in Sanskrit after the Mahabharata? No, it is not the epic poem Valmiki Ramayana – it contains only 24,000 verses.

It is ‘Yoga Vasistha’ (Jnana Vasistha) that contains about 32,000 verses. Its abridged version is known as the Laghu (Little) Yogavasistha contains 6,000 verses.

The content is a discourse of Sage Vasistha to Lord Rama, the powerful Hindu god. It teachings are associated with Advaita Vedanta and Yoga, and explain the illusory nature of the manifest world and the principle of non-duality.

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2 Responses

  1. Nk says:

    Sir, i have a question to ask in context to this article. Does it mean that in present day, if a person does severe penance/meditation, will he become so powerful that if he curses somebody, the victim will suffer? Maybe out of envy or material gains?

    • Ramapriya Krishnamurthy says:

      As per my understanding the curse will generally work if the person has really done mistake which is against dharma. So I don’t think curse will work if it done with envy or material gains. If anyone has any other thoughts please share.

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