What will You Do When All Doors are Closed on You?

There are some incidents in life that we cannot explain. This is about a miracle that I personally experienced.

This happened to my family while I was studying in 9th standard.

In the front-side of our home in Thuravoor was a paddy field and an adjacent plain land belonging to one Antony, who coincidentally had been my mother’s student .

One day, Antony started building a shed (roofed structure) in his property. In few days we got the to know that he was planning to roll out a shrimp peeling unit. Those days peeling and deveining shrimp was not automated and were manually done by women workers, especially girls.

But we came to know the hazards of the industry, the worst one being, the noxious foul smell which was intolerable for vegetarians like us.

As a result of this agony, my father pleaded Antony to do it elsewhere as he had many properties then. My father advised him that it wasn’t good to start such a thing in front of a temple ( at the right side of our house was situated a dilapidated small temple). He refused to yield and insulted my father.

My father went to meet the Panchayat president, who happened to be a Marxist party leader. He said: “Master, at least hundred people will get job in that shed – so we cannot ask him to close it down”

Next, my father met the opposition leader (a congress man) who said: “Master, you know our party in the state is controlled by Christians and clergy. So I cannot go against him” The leader thus, gave a religious tone to it.

The following day, he went to meet the priest in the local church with this complaint. My father was teaching in a Christian management school, so they respected him. The priest was a good man but helpless. He said: “Sir, I understand your problem. But Church is surviving based on the donations given by people like him – so we can’t say anything against him. I suggest you to give a mass petition to the village officer…”

Father wrote down a petition and went to every neighbourhood. But most of them (including so-called Brahmins) refused to sign in it. Only few people signed and father filed the petition. But it was in vain.

My father met some community leaders and the management of the main temple seeking help. But they too turned down his request. They said….

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  1. sri says:

    very nice information about rama love towards sita. our mind is masked with untruthful stories ,the reason behind it we will know if people like u say its greatness

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