When a young lady, my reader, contacted me to seek advice on her divorce and re-marriage, my instant reply was “no”. I don’t want to be a party in any break-up in this world…

When she insisted to help her, my reply was: “I would be happy to be a part of “fix-up” or “trouble shoot.”

“Sir, please at least listen to me. You have been seeing life differently, but based on our Dharma, that’s why I contacted you. Otherwise I would have gone to any person…” she said.

“I am flattered…”I laughed and said: “But it doesn’t make any difference whether you flatter me or scold me. I do not encourage divorces…”

“Okay sir. Yeah, I want to fix-it-up. But please listen to my problem…”

I listened. The identity is not to be revealed so let’s call her Mridula.

Mridula hails from a very a decent, orthodox Brahmin family. That too vegetarian! (It is difficult to find sober vegetarians among Brahmins now). A family friend has brought a marriage proposal for her.

Her parents and relatives went to see the potential bridegroom. Her own words: “They found him as very ‘spiritual’ – they are not as good as our family in education and finance . Also, the sub-sect is slightly lower than us…” The family claimed that theywere in plantation business.

The most amazing thing is that the boy does “pooja” (spiritual practice) every day morning and evening for one hour! He is spending two hours in prayer room – something that is commendable in today’s busy world. Everybody in the house is great devotees and visit to all temples! The horoscope match was 90%!

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