Was there a caste system in Hinduism (Sanathan Dharma)? NO!!

There is a popular word – “Islamic terrorism”. Does it mean terrorism is an exclusive business of Islam? No. There are terrorists among Muslims. That doesn’t make all Islamic followers terrorists. Similar misconception can be seen in Hinduism when it comes to caste system.

In Christianity, there are approximately 38,000 denominations (Like for example, Catholics, Eastern, Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Church of the East, Protestant, Anglican, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Methodist, Baptist, Assyrian et el). In Kerala, Syrians will not even marry Latins.

Take any religion, any community or any political party – there are people who are “more equal”. There are “big brothers” in every community. It is there for appeasing, nepotism, exploitation and corruption. It was there since human beings (Homo sapiens) started living in a society.

The principle of caste system is not confined to any one country. It applies to all human beings of all races, in all countries. Caste was there in one form or another. Take for example feudal system in Europe.

Similarly, there are misconceptions regarding birth-based caste system and discrimination of people born in certain castes in the society. That doesn’t mean Hinduism or sanatana dharma originally had a caste system.

There is absolutely no element of discrimination in Vedas regarding any person’s caste. Just like in Astrology, the concept of caste is relatively new. Vedas contain no word that can be considered a synonym for ‘caste’. There two words commonly pointed out to mean ‘caste’ is Jaati and Varna. These words have completely different meaning.

According to Vedic period literature, Jaati means a classification. Nyaya Sutra states “Samaanaprasavaatmika Jaatih” or those having similar birth source form a Jaati.

Jaati is is creation of God, says Sastras.

All beings in the earth have classifieds into four:
1. Udbhija = sprouted from ground (earth) like plants, grass, vegetables etc.
2. Andaja = born out of eggs fish, birds, reptiles etc
3. Jarayuja or Pindaja = mammals or animals, human beings etc. born out of physical bodies
4. Ushmaj or Swedaja = reproducing due to temperature and ambient conditions like flies, virus, bacteria etc.
And there is the word Varna. ‘Varna’ means one that is adopted by choice. While Jaati is provided by God, ‘Varna’ is our own choice. There are four major Varnas: Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra.

– During Vedic period, everyone is considered to be born as Shudra. Then based on his or her education, one becomes a Brahmin, Kshatriya or Vaishya. This completion of education is considered to be a second birth. Hence these three Varnas are called “Dwija” or twice-born.

However, those who remain uneducated for whatever reasons continue as Shudra and perform support-activities for the society and they were not outcaste.

– Remember that vedas have said ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’ which means ‘whole earth is a family’ and ‘Sarve jana sukhino bhavantu’ which means ‘May all humans live happily’

In the Mahabharata (12. 188), it is said that all creation is God’s creation, and that no one is high or low by birth. It is only by samskara (purification, training) that one becomes a Brahmin:

“janmana jayate sudrah, samskarad bhaved dvijah
veda-pathad bhaved vipro, brahma janatiti brahmanah”

“By birth one is a sudra (lowest caste), by the purificatory process one becomes a dvija (higher caste), by study of the Vedas one becomes a vipra, and one who knows Brahman is a brahmana.”

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4, Shloka 13 says:

“Chaturvarnam maya shristim gunakarma vibhagashah
Tasya kartarmapi mam viddya akartaram avayayam”

– The four-fold order was created by Me according to the divisions of quality and work. Though I am its creator, know Me to be incapable of action or change.

The emphasis is on guna (aptitude) and karma (function) and not on jaati (birth). The varna or the order to which we belong is independent of sex, birth or breeding. A varna is determined by temperament and vocation – not by birth or heredity.

– In the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter18, verse 40 again emphasis this point:
“There is no being on earth, or again in heaven among the gods, that is liberated from the three qualities born of Nature.”

And the next verse (Gita Chapter18, verse 41): “Of Brahmanas, Kshtriyas and Vaishyas, as also the Sudras, O Arjuna, the duties are distributed according to the qualities born of their own nature.”

These four divisions of men exist in every society. A class of thinkers and philosophers, a group of men who are martially spirited and who are very anxious to engage in politics and fighting, a class of men who like to engage in agricultural cultivation and selling the produce or in business activities, and a class of men who do physical jobs.

According to the Mahabharata, the whole world was originally of one class but later it became divided into four divisions on account of the specific duties. In the famous dialogue between Yudhishthira and the Yaksha:

– “A man does not become a Brahman by the mere fact of his birth, not even by the acquisition of Vedic scholarship; it is good character alone that can make one a Brahman. He will be worse than a Shudra if his conduct is not in conformity with the rules of good behavior.”

Bhagavata clearly says in 7.11.35 that “Just because one is born to a Brahmin doesn’t automatically make him a Brahmin. But he has more chances of becoming a Brahmin (since his parents can transfer the knowledge and duties to him). But he MUST get all those qualifications of Brahmin to become a Brahmin. On the other hand if a person born to a non-Brahmin possesses all the qualities of a Brahmin, he/she should be immediately accepted as a Brahmin.”

– Manusmriti says: “The Brahman acquires his status by his knowledge, the Kshatriya by his martial vigor; the Vaishya by wealth; and the Shudra by birth alone.”

A most popular sloka in Yajurved (Purush Sukta is in 31st Chapter of Yajurved) which was mis-interpreted as “Brahmins were created by God’s mouth, Kshtriyas by Chest, Vaishyas by thigh, and Shudras by legs” which is how Vedas divide people into caste.

To see what it actually means, let us look at the previous shloka 31.10.

It asks a question – Who is mouth? Who is hand? Who is thigh and who is leg?

The next sloka gives the answer – Brahmin is mouth. Kshatriya is hand. Vaishya is thigh and Shudra becomes the legs. Please note that the sloka does not say that Brahmin “takes birth” from mouth…It says Brahmin “is” mouth.

In Vedas, Shudra means a hard-working person. (Tapase Shudram – Yajurved 30.5). And that is why Purush Sukta calls them as foundation (leg) of entire human society. Nowhere has it been used in a derogatory manner. Nowhere has it mentioned that Shudras are untouchable, birth-based, disallowed from study of Vedas, lesser in status than other Varnas, disallowed in Yajnas.

– There are hundreds of mentioning in Hindu scriptures that caste is based on the Karma he/she does.

The Chandogya Upanishad says Satyakaam Jaabaal was son of a prostitute but became a Brahmin. As per Bhagvat, Agniveshya became Brahmin though born to a king.

Aitareya Rishi was son of a Daasa (Shudra) and criminal but became a Brahmin of highest order and wrote Aitareya Brahman and Aitareyopanishad.

Raavan was born from Pulatsya Rishi (Brahmin) but became a Rakshas. Vidur was son of a servant but became a Brahmin and minister of Hastinapur Empire.

Veda Vyasa was son of a fisher-woman, not a Brahmin.

Is there anybody in Greece who believes in ancient Greek religion today? Do Romans believe in ancient religious scriptures?

Similarly, Hindus lost their belief in Vedas and Upanishads. And they live a superficial life. Added to that the misleading theories of communists, British and non-Hindu -biased Indologists have caused a great damage to our society and have sown seeds of differences.

They created the word Dalits to exploit them. If you go to North Indian villages, there are Brahmins who live in hell-like conditions. The vote-bank, caste-politics add fuel to Indian caste system.

Caste system is created in Medieval India by external invaders. That’s another theory, but no proof. But we can safely say that caste system is created by people who want to live on caste. Just a a film star pushing his son or daughter or a politician wants his son/daughter to become politician, a caste-believer enforce his/her kids to be in the same caste.

I recall an incident. Once I was travelling from Cochin to Bangalore in a train. My fellow-traveler was from Kottayam. He is retired professor from Mysore, born in a Christian family. He looked very sad. He said he was an atheist and never went to Church. Now that his youngest daughter has to marry to a Christian boy, he was asked to take permission from the Church where his family was originally hailing from. He has to provide this document to the Bridegroom’s Church – failing which marriage won’t happen. The bridegroom and his parents want to marry their son in religious way only.

Since he never went to Church, he had a very tough time. He had to pay a huge amount – some penalties or kick-back may be. I don’t know. I cannot cross-check the story.

Muslims will have similar stories to tell. Various castes in Hinduism will also have similar (in different ways) to tell. But the moral is that, Religion and Caste have become like a Mafia gang and they can pressurize any government. The castes in India is getting organized and becoming more and more influential. It is becoming deep-rooted.

Goverment is not for the individual, it is with vote bank groups. So people are scared to come out of caste or religion, fearing that they will be alienated.

And the caste spirit is increasing day-by-day. You have seen it during Mandal commission implementation. The government and political parties promote caste system in India.

In today’s world, you can change your religion. But can you change your caste? NO WAY. 🙂 Very funny.

Udaylal Pai
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17 Responses

  1. Jai says:

    Well folks now you have to understand that we Indians instead of blaming the British let us look at ourselves first. Look at yourself in the Mirror and say that we were not guilty of being prejudiced at some point of our life when we see a beggar do we sit with him and have a cup of tea even if he pays for the tea.

    Forget about the British we are as a nation and its people we are racists to the core. even our so called matrimonial ad’s will get the best out of us. Fair pink complexion slim are frequently used Words it just sums it all. The waiters working in the hotel to the door man are tuned to scan people and single out people according their dress behaviour etc .We are not thought in a practical sense about universal brotherhood or sisterhood. It is time we did not have a hostel based on cast if people don’t send their children it is their problem. The govt can create a platform for people to study in a equal environment if they don’t accept it out cast them. Our Hindu leaders should lead a reform to change the society educating that God cannot create people one superior to the other. Hinduism will not survive in India with its cast equation. People will go to the church if they are not allowed into the temple, that is what the Vatican wants with its dwindling numbers in the west they are looking east. Once Hindus are at 60% of India’s population in no time they will turn a Minority eventually be wiped out believe me other religions are not that tolerant towards the minorities best case example is Pakistan with a 15% Hindu population they have 1%. There is very stark difference between young children who live and study in large public sector companies , the CEO’s son and the driver’s son study in the same school. These inistutes are what we need. every person for every caste should study in the same school, this will change the social fabric of the society. Don’t name Hostels as SC ST hostels they should be banned. Just Hostels and every one should reside the same hostel and eat the same food period. Children will make friends with other communities they will come to know about their problems. The movement should start from the grass roots.

  2. Harbans Lal Badhan says:

    “The Untouchables (Dalits) of India want economic, social, political, religious and educational equality in Society, not in the eyes of God”
    (Harbans Lal Badhan)

  3. Ophelia says:

    Awesome content you got here!

  4. jalwan says:

    chor ko nahi chor ki maa ko maro taki aur chor paida na hon . who is benifitted by caste ? who tought u caste ? what is source ? finish the source . in no time u shall achieve the goal if u really wish so . no sudra says u treat him as lowest . society gurus n leaders who were they tiwaris / mishras / joshis now teli / yadav / manjhi replaced them but what about media so u have to wait for mission swachh bharat is over n all r alike equals brothers n sisters none high or low by birth as still leader born as kunbi married to jat feels proud to say she is rajput while shadhvi is termed as dalit by a musalman leader since such muslims r slaves of hindu disparities

  5. jalwan says:

    cheats have to suffer . musalman marrying brahmani calls her musalmani where as same musalman calls a godly / saintly / sadhvi woman of bjp as dalit when she is not dalit . in fact by birth none is high or low but by deeds / actions . scripture r written by people in own interests say brahman is high caste, kshtriya is low caste , vaish is lower caste , sudra is is lowest caste and accordingly r their rights . sudra having issue from brahmani shall be chandal n from kshtriya shall khatri while son of malahin vyas is brahman . is it all not senseless kept out of reach sudras who too r brahman as tvam brahm asi aham brahm asmi sah brahm asti . brahma visnu shiv rama krishna u me he parbraham / sadashiv / kail / kal all r braham ansh of paramraham

  6. E Pooja Store says:

    Congratulations on this amazing story and article.

  7. Kirti says:

    An article written to prove the superiority of Brahmin culture. If really there was no caste discrimination in India and everything has come from foreigners then my query is – Are Brahmins so fools as to not understand that and continue the same practice even till now. In those days as per the Varnas or Karmas only Brahmins were educted and exposed to literature, rather than letting education be everyone’s rights they always kept it “Sacred”.

    If you really understand India and can feel the plight of a person who is treated as an untouchable even in present day society then just for a day think how it feels to be untouchable in India

    Just because someone is a son/daughter of manual scavenger he/she too should end up in the same profession, is it not violation of human rights?

    As you mentioned you have seen Brahmin living life like hell in some places, Casteism is not about economic standard, An untouchable will be an untouchable even if he improves his standard of living. He/She wont be allowed same social status.

    • Vasanth says:

      Yes , we understand why you hit at Brahmins and economics has nothing to do with untouchability. Yes ,the people who are using the reservation policies to become the elite of the society will happily marry off their sisters and daughters to rickshaw wallas ,cobblers and scavengers because both belong to the same caste. Let people who tell economics has nothing to do untouchability show such good souls who has married their girls to cobblers,scavengers etc. Now everyone changes religion to get benefits of minority and even Brahmins get duplicate certificates to get the benefits and so the other group will do anything to retain the benefits. Only full cleansing of Brahmins from the country will show these people who the culprits are?

  8. hemantha kumar kamath p v says:

    Bhagawan ShreeKrishna has created the system of Chaturvarnyam as clearly mentioned in the Bgagawad geeta(Chaturvarnyam mayashrishtam gunakarma vibhashasaha….).But the objective of this bifurcation is not to introduce the caste system as wee practice today. Its objective is to make a disciplined society .Let me illustrate with an example. Suppose in a office there are no different posts or cadres. Ie. All staff are of same rank.No manager,officer,clerkor peon.What will happen then? No work willbe done.Why?.All will be giving orders to each other & nobody would like to take orders from a person of same rank.So there will be compkete anarchy .To avoid this posts are created in a chronological order.There will be one manager, under him there will be one officer, under him there will be some clerks, and last but not the least there will be some sub-staff. Manager will delegate some work to officers in turn they will be helped by clerks who in turn are supported by sub- staff to complete the work efficiently & smoothly..ie. There is a Heirarchy which is re required to run the office efficiently. In the same way 4 varnas are required to make life run smoothly.Brahmanas were created to perform poojas & dharmic rituals which is required to propitiate God for having his Blessings.Kshathriyas were created to rule over the country.They have expertise in ruling the country.Vaishas are created to do commerce which is required to distribute the products in the society. Shudras are created to do labour which is very much required for producing agricultural products..So hierarchy is created so as to make a disciplined society. Please note that I have cited the above example for only making clear the ideas which I got after pondering a lot over Geeta verses.

    • jalwan says:

      kamat u r really great . u mean out of four sons u have r to be treated in view of their gunas 1. sudra 2. brahman 3. vais 4 kshtriya . none is of – high – low /superiority – inferiority status. u don’t agree sanatan – brahman could marry in lower 3 varnas, 2nd grade in still lower 2 varnas 3rd can further varna beside own varna and no grade of castes with higer the caste more the rights lower the grade less the rights i.e. vasisth high caste , prasar low caste, vyas lower caste and all brothers dritrastra , pandu , vidur n sukhdev r lowest caste . u also agree caste pride is foolish . person in india elected cm born as kunbi married to jat son married to gujjer pressing cases against ex counter mali calling self as rajput . what n whom which source is responsible for this state of affairs.

  9. Honey says:

    Uday sir,
    Excellent and well written sir. I am also suffering with that caste feelings in society. I love a boy who is low caste than us but he is a central government employee. He is rich than us and he is better in all matters when compared to me. But my father and mother opposing for our marriage just showing the caste region. Sometimes, I felt that I want to suicide also. I don’t want to miss him. We both studied MCA. What I want to do?

  10. Nithin says:

    Udayji, Great thoughts.

    Scientific proof also supports your theory that the caste system is relatively recent:


  11. turiya says:

    well written. Human attain anything by their karma’s and not by janmas. ratnakar the thief became a valmiki rishi. If you look at the bhakti cult of south india, many of the alwars were not brahmins.

    many of the devotee of the bhakti cult in north as well were not brahmins. Actually it is the corruption of the indian society by brahmins, khyatrias and vaishiyas.

  12. Ramesh says:

    Uday sir,
    Kindly allow me to post this article on my Facebook page.

  13. Jayeshji says:

    You are generous to Islam and Xians but you must read the Koran as I have to understand, both divide believers and non believers, Islam goes further and say by killing the kafir you will please Allah.
    Do not assume Hindus is a religion and others are some variation. Apart from that a very good site. Generosity lead to invasions by both and Hindus suffered.

  14. AMIT DWIVEDI says:

    This article is another example of how the word “Brahmin” has been exploited by the politicians and casteist mindsets to pursue their own vicious agenda. Little did they know that they are preparing their own graves by insulting Brahminism. The sentence “Mouth, leg , thighs….” has been constantly used by the Dalit leaders and supporters to brainwash the entire community against Brahmins despite the fact that it was not written in that sense. Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi based his politics on “hate Brahmins ” and this was the case for other so called dalit leaders. They are trying to imitate Hitlers ideology and wanted to play “massacre game” to wipe out Brahmins. But these evil forces cannot succeed.


    Deepaks Shukla
    Jun 28, 2012 at 05:28 pm
    Beutiful! Such a mature & unbiased blog on such a contravercial subject of caste. No body wants to go deep in the subject & study, every body wants scratch on water surface & have his “Swartha”,by sprinkling water & have literaly “Dakshana” as if it is a extorsion momey. Thanks.

    Satish K D
    Jun 25, 2012 at 11:42 am
    Excellent blog post!!!!!!! The original concept of knowledge and skill-based classification has been misinterpreted by different people and groups for their own advantage. Lots of people are engaged in maligning the Vedas and other ancient scriptures without actually reading and understanding the message. I am glad that you have written a wonderful post, aptly quoting from the ancient scriptures.

    Ram Krishna Kumar R
    Jun 29, 2012 at 02:07 pm
    A MUST READ FOR HINDUS AND ALL THOSE WHO ALLEGE CASTE SYSTEMS IN INDIA- ….while 90% of the articles appear in this site is just trash, this kind of articles and author should be promoted to get more….well done sir

    Jul 07, 2012 at 09:18 pm
    Caste system is one of the nastiest thing (out of many) in Hinduism and other religions, if so exists. The low profile, low life religious gurus (basically idiots, criminals) created this system to spread hatred & crime among human, to rip of others and to create some sort of slavery for the benefits of certain group of people. God didn’t create caste, God didn’t create religion , instead God created only human. Thus humanity is the only religion, only caste. Caste system is a crime against God. Sooner this caste system gets abolished, better for humanity and God. Religion is a pure garbage with no truth but full of blind beliefs that lead to darkness. So God doesn’t live in nonsense religions and can not be realized through these nonsense religions. Religions were created by uneducated idiots thousands of years ago, when there was no education and no modern science and world was inside the darkness of illiteracy.

    Kanwal Dhaliwal
    Jul 09, 2012 at 02:44 pm
    Defending the Hindu caste system calling it as ‘omnipresent’ in all societies in the world, is cunning justification of birth based discrimination that is a principle base of an institutionalized religion. This is nowhere in the world, and if there is/was such inhuman practices they are condemned by all the sane humanity of the world unlike in India where the so called sanatni-scholars come up in arms to protect this evil practice of this shitty belief-system. What a load of crap that Vedas are nondiscriminatory.- ” The aboriginies who inhabitated India at the time of the early Hindu invasion are called in Rig Veda as Asuras, Rakshasas, Syums, Dasyus, Dasas or slaves. The Aryans are found in the Rig Veda invoking their gods to grant them room against the dasyus, who are described as a dark-blue cloud, to keep them disticnt from themselves, to place Dasyus on the left hand, to turn aside their arms, to increase the might and glory of the Aryas, to crush the hostile Dasyus, and to bring the ‘black-skins’ under the sway of the Aryas. The Dasyus are styled ‘enemies’ and ‘evil spirits”…:” ‎’Manu Smriti’ is the root of all evil as for as Indian version of apartheid is concerned, but those who have tasted the blood will not let the prey go that easily !

    Himanshu Verma
    Jul 09, 2012 at 04:43 pm
    Very nice article, every one should read it once.
    Your articles are fantastic and worth reading, they should be promoted at large scale so that every body gets such knowledgeable information.

    Spirituality Seeker
    Jul 27, 2012 at 09:22 pm
    Yes it is right caste system in one form or other has been practised all over the world. But some corrupt people in India distorted and institutionalised this. Your blog beautifully describes all about castes in Hinduism. Yes we are all born shudra but after learning different art forms and all one becomes Brahmin, Kshatriya, or Vaishya. So we are all born shudras and not only Hinduism but all other religions purify the new born with their rituals because it is believed that a new born baby is still an animal like birth and what makes him/her human is his/her purification. And this is the concept behind twice-born. Another thing about castes is those people who by choice do filthy jobs are also referred to as shudras and obviously they must be avoided. But it doesn’t mean if you are born to shudra parents you have to live your life as shudra. But you know some corrupt people wanted to feel special and they institutionalised this whole caste thing and people were barred from reading scriptures. That is why these corrupt people burnt tongues of shudras who tried to read scriptures because they didn’t want shudras to learn the truth and slowly this became institutionalised and became a custom. My suggestion is Hindus must read their scriptures and try to understand the real sense and meaning behind those teachings. Then only they will realise how Hinduism is different from other religions.

    Ramesh Shenoy
    Aug 11, 2012 at 06:30 pm
    Excellent intellectual exercise. Those who accuse Hinduism on caste system should read this. How dare they can make such allegation on Hinduism?
    Sir- I read all your articles. It gives a totally different perspective everytime

    Gollakota Sn Murthy
    Aug 13, 2012 at 04:48 pm
    A good compilation of derivatives from Hindu scriptures. The author is to be complemented for the thankless but painful task he took up. Due to the vast depth and breadth of the issue and it’s ever changing dynamics , it triggered many responses.
    I feel irrespective or in spite of how historic literature is written or read or interpreted / misinterpreted there are certain hard realities which stand out and force some time bound or popular formulations on the social fabric . These are comparable to cloud patterns … non attributable to logic but visible and perceptible all the same.
    These formulations can never satisfy all cross sections because they contain boundaries and barriers . Like one can see in particular cloud pattern a lion while other can see an angel. As the human desire aspires and goes for the best always as an instinctive choice , it questions any thing that comes against it’s aspiration and can devlop unknown dislike. Like a average student envying a bright student, poor envying rich, the weak wanting to be strong , opposition party wanting to be in power etc. This reaction is universal and applies in all walks – religion, success, failure, glory, disgrace, rich. poor etc.
    It breeds strong desire , to migrate to choice level , and often dislikes any barriers and develops unfounded envy due to fear of failure or insecure feeling. This is applicable for the most accomplished person on earth to the least successful. Many examples can be seen in our lives to reflect this. One need not be a genius to recognize that this happens in caste related debates as well.
    I think no message can ever heal this permanently except avoiding the conflicting debates ( supportive or derogatory ) which unknowingly trigger flared tempers across contestants .
    So it is more of a human reaction than a a real barrier that is taking things out of control.
    As once said by famous thinker Sri Jiddu Krishna Murthy that ” Human beings are the only species which is yet to learn how to live together “. This is not ridicule any one just to say as a rejoinder that we are all victims of our own making if we fail to help our self internally first and externally later. It is imperative that we put to use our thinking and reasoning mind to objective and self strengthening purpose than otherwise. When external explanations and guidance flood us when we are yet set the inner process on, they just do not work and can create added turmoils.
    God bless the mankind with common wisdom.

    Mahavir Nautiyal
    Aug 28, 2012 at 01:10 pm
    Dear Dr Uday,
    Excellent and well researched article. You have brilliantly debunked the age old as well as widely prevalent mis-concept about casteism in sanatan dharma. The originally intended division of varna was based on inborn qualities and propensities so that the child takes to the profession he is most suited for. The practice of preparing birth chart or horoscopes was to delineate the inherited talent and future potentialities. In Christianity , every one born is considered a sinner but in Hinduism, as propounded by Vedas, every one is born a Shudra. It his education and samsakrs that take him to higher levels or some may choose to remain stagnant. I am a born Brahmin but that fact alone does not entitle me to a high status on social hierarchy unless my character, education and conduct justifies this status. Some so called brahmins wallow in meanness and depravity and some so called shudras show sterling character . It is unfortunate that this Vedic concept has been later distorted by brahmin priests and perpetuated by vested interests. Politicians have perpetuated and entrenched the caste division in the society for garnering the votes. Politics, as existing, panders to the lowest common denominator, the interests of the Nation be damned. The Constitution of India mandates abolition of castes but the reality is that castes have proliferated, further dividing the already divided society. it is not entirely the fault of politicians. They will act in their interests. It requires a change in the system. Plato suggested rule by a philosopher king. Akbar ruled through nau-ratnas. Can we have a political system where only the noble minded capable people, who can rise above selfish considerations, and think of the long term interests of the country , are co-opted in the system. Presidential system, as adopted in the U.S.A., suitably adapted to Indian ethos and culture, may be an alternative. But who will bell the cat? One Anna Hazare is not enough.

    Chennakesava Kadapa
    Jul 12, 2012 at 09:53 pm
    You are actually hiding some of the truths and blaming foreigners for the caste system. What about all the other slokas in ‘MANUSMRUTHI’ which, you didnot mention, say about outright discrimination of shudras and women. You simply hid the truth to protect scriptures. Look at this site and read different slokas.
    Caste based discrimination in India is as old as the time when ‘ramayan’ was written, atleast 5000years. Rama himself kills shambuka, a shudra. So caste based discrimination is not imported from foreign lands. It was our own invention, exclusively by brahmins to make themselves elite in the society and enjoy luxuries. Present hinduism is totally brahmanism at the core with all its superstitions and gods.


    Courtesy: http://www.speakingtree.in/public/spiritual-blogs/seekers/self-improvement/was-there-a-caste-system-in-hinduism-sanathan-dharma-no
    (Please visit this link to read more comments and discussion)

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