SatiI have met Shahnawaz Husain during a trip to Mumbai. He was my fellow traveler from London to Mumbai. He is now an Indian desi in UK with a very modern in outlook. He was talking about superstitions and wrong traditions plaguing in India. I have agreed to most of his observations.

“Hinduism is a curse for its women – evil people were practicing SATI everywhere in India till British ruled…” he said. (‘Sati’ is a name given to the custom by the British in which the widow is placed on pyre of deceased husband and burnt alive – it was a barbaric and inhumane act)

“I agree with you regarding SATI. It is highly deplorable. But how come you blame Hinduism for that?”

“Hindu scriptures glorify Sati Pratha…”

“So far there is no word in Hindu scripture for “Bride burning”. Sati is the feminine of ‘sat’, means “true”.”Please continue reading at

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4 Responses

  1. Royel says:

    Thank you,sir.

  2. Sushmita says:

    Shri Uday Ji
    Thanks will not be enough for your knowledge and courage to openly writing this article. Please everybody read and start respecting Sanatan dharma. Also try to feel and understand the pain our ancestors have gone through under the rules of various cruel invaders. And don’t be a proud follower of foreign culture to show off your riches.

  3. Kamal Bapari says:

    Thank you sir……

  4. venkat says:

    thank you for the clarity. I was too thinking that why on earth Hindus were practising this cruel habit. After reading through your article, i got my eyes opened. Thanks again.

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