The Real Life Story of a Woman After ‘Love Marriage’

Few years ago I was travelling on a sleeper class train from Chennai. A lady wearing purdah was sitting on the opposite seat was curiously watching me talking to my family over mobile phone. She was pale, weak and old. The deep dark circles below her saddened eyes conveyed the sufferings she was undergoing.

“Sir – you were speaking in Konkani. Are you from Goa?” she asked me in Konkani language. I thought she was a Konkani  speaking Muslim.

“No – I am settled down in Cochin.”

“Are you a GSB?”She asked.  (GSB=Gauda Saraswat Brahmin)

I smiled.

“I was also from your community. Later got converted to Islam…”

I just smiled again. Suddenly she said: “Sir – you resemble my uncle when I had met him about 30 years ago” I saw tears rolling out of her eyes. So I asked her curiously : “What happened?”

“I just remembered my parents….” she said. We talked a lot. And she told me about her life story that would pull anybody’s heart-strings.

“I was originally from Kodiyal (Mangalore). My father was a post master and mother, a school teacher. We were bhats (priests among GSBs). My parent’s dream and my aim was to become an IAS officer. They sent me to a reputed convent school for better education. There, I acquired the taste for Chicken. Though my parents were strict vegetarians, they allowed me to eat it from outside with friends…”

….While I was doing my first year PUC, I used to visit a non-vegetarian restaurant with friends where I met this boy  who appeared well-settled. He would come in stylish dress and shiny bike. He was so nice, well-mannered and soft-spoken. He said he was running a food-processing chain and supplying meat for this restaurant. We fell in love.

One day I eloped with him – spoiling dreams and life of my parents. (Later I came to know that my orthodox mother committed suicide and father died of heart attack following this intolerable shock)

Since we couldn’t go for government approved registered marriage (I was 16) – we married according to Islam tradition for which I had to convert to Islam. He was 29 then. First few days went very well – I thought life was  in the seventh heaven.

One day, during mid-night I went to toilet (which was outside, not attached to home) that coincided with his brother’s late arrival home. My husband accused me of trying seducing his brother. It was a great shock for me and we had heated argument. He said: “You  had cheated your own parents – that show you are capable of cheating people. How do I know you won’t sleep with others?” (She was crying while explaining this)

That incident opened my eyes and I could see the real truth – he is from a family of thieves…

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10 Responses

  1. VH says:

    Sad case of love Jihad. Media hides this.

    Need to spread this. Can’t allow more innocents to be trapped like this

  2. Parvathi Devi Menon says:

    Must read for all young people,nothing can be achieved without love and blessings of Parents…..

  3. A.S. Hariprasad says:

    Life is an untold tale. Sir, you are a good story teller.

  4. Vivek says:

    I think nowadays you can also substitute ‘Arranged Marriage’ also in this story. Especially NRI marriages.

  5. SK Jhingan says:

    A pathetic story. In love affairs one is mesmerised by a fraction of personality whereas the remains aspects of personality might not be compatible; might be painful even. As a safeguard against such eventuality parents advice can be a great saviour. I pray for this woman.

  6. Prabha Bhugra says:

    You should place your parents above all. She suffered because she hurt her parents.

  7. Arcanjoe Almeida says:


    Awesome story… Very True..

    I too did the same mistake and still doing again..



  8. Shishir says:

    Your blog is really nice.
    Love the adventure u have and the experience u share sir.
    Have few things to ask you.
    Will ask once I get back from u

  9. preetii Muthappa says:

    Heart touching story

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