The Prescription for Happiness And a Donkey

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2 Responses

  1. Arcanjoe Almeida says:


    Good Day!

    Again ur experience has made me speechless.. Life is so simple, Happiness is within us… Still we cant it…

    Hats off to you…



  2. M.NageshKini says:

    Happiness is a state of mind where in one can feel it when the wishes are full filled. Once that wishes did not realised one become unhappy.This is the process the thoughts one indulged in. So be happy at any given point of time one has to curtail the wishes on need based that is required for living. One can aspire for whatever good things in life. It is not very easy to embrace. Persistence hard work and perseverance is required to archive it.Simply wishing or wishful thinking is not enough.First of all one should target the goal to achieve, at the same time one should question its necessity of it, if one finds it necessary, then find out the way to full fill it.By these three aspects only one can achieve what has to be achieved.All other aspirations leads to unhappiness. When one is unhappy one finds an excuse for its failure. No one is the cause for our result, it is our own wrong doing is the real culprit. If one understands this logic one can be happy throughout one’s life come what may.

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