I used to get lot of letters and messages from readers like: “I am facing a terrible situation or in a shocking state of mind as I was diagnosed with….disease or facing big trouble or totally depressed and frustrated in life, feeling lazy and procrastinate or don’t feel like doing anything or total failure or getting thoughts of suicide or I am ruined or a serious health issue”….the list is endless.

I tell them: “I am not a counselor or know-all.” But readers come to me after reading my articles on life and mind. All I do is sharing what I have learned from my ancestors.

Our ancestors had a foolproof system to lead a sustainable healthy life. They saw human being as body-mind-beyond. (I do not know what’s there beyond body and mind – people call it soul, jeeva, self, atma etc). I prefer to call it “real self”. The real self is also connectedness – it connects body and mind to a vast, unlimited and un-defined “space-time-continuum” that still in grey area.

There was yoga (for body), pranayama or breathing technique (for mind) and meditation (this is not apt word for the Sanskrit word dhyana, but there is no other equivalent in English) – so that we live healthy, happy and long. In case of ailment, there was “Ayurveda” that addressed body and mind. When the body and mind are okay, the beyond part – the real self – will be bestowed with divine grace. The beauty is that all these must things were made available to all humanity free of cost, no copyright or patent.

But, we neglect this. We believe that health and happiness can be bought out. We follow superstitions and spend lot of money as an easy route to get our problems solved. So the industries like spirituality (priests, astrologers and gurus) and healthcare are booming.

“I know you are not a counselor. But you can give me a solution to this problem…” they would say.

“Ok, but I have a pre-requisite before finding solution. You will have to make a simple routine change in life.”

I tell the same thing to all, irrespective of their problems. And in 99% cases it works. You may wonder – how does one solution take care of millions of problems in life. This was a simple thing that our ancestors practiced 5000 years ago to take care of their physical and mental health. And, then the divine grace part takes care of the problems too.

“What’s that secret and sacred thing, Uday?” my friends ask.

“There is no secret. It is very simple. You can try it. For first few days it would be very difficult to practice. You can experience the miracle yourself.”

**** “Get up around 4.30 AM and do a couple of simple actions” *****

After 41-odd days you will see 95% of the problems in life vanish! How does it happen?

You might have heard your grandparents say: “You can study well, if you get up at Saraswati Yamam. You can work better if you can get up at Brahma Muhurta – your creativity will be at the best…” They attribute everything to gods as they can’t explain. Saraswati is goddess of education, so when you get up at the same time she gets up, you can learn well. Brahma is the god of creation, so when you get up at Brahma Muhurta, you can get his blessings for creativity.

I do not know what time these gods and goddess are setting alarms to get up. But I know the quality of time will be its best in the morning. The brain and atmosphere would be fresh and rejuvenated.

Some spiritualists and yogics says: “This is the time when all yogic masters get up and start meditation – so you can get linked up or logged on into the positive energy level they create.” Could be. But, I do not know about such energy level or network of positive energy. As a Physics student, I can’t digest that there is something known as positive or negative energy. They talk about dark matter and anti-matter. There is no negative energy in those things. Nothing can be negative in Joule’s equation on energy. We learnt it in high school. Things may change, I don’t know.

But, I know that morning hours increase the sattvik (pure) qualities in us. Late night sleep invites tamasic (impure) qualities that create more troubles. The mind, brain and body would be more tired in the evening hours. So your decisions and communications can go wrong.

The internal clock that gets conditioned during the first months of life controls all biological functions (including body temperature, blood pressure, and the release of hormones). The average human adult’s temperature reaches its minimum during Brahma Muhurtam. Tuning our biological clock to the rising and setting of the sun, is the best way maintaining healthy aging process. Waking in this time puts us in perfect synchronization to the natural clock.

Further, our ancestors said: “When you get up, just sit in the bed, don’t rush out to get ready. Recite a sloka (Karagre vasathe….) with eyes still closed, and open them see your hands and smile.

Hands are symbolism of good karmas. The entire power of this universe – create, sustain and transform – is in your hands! It also builds self-confidence, belongingness and love to all. “The force is in my hands”. It’s nice feeling to wake up and say “I can do it”.

This is so good, that it helps you stabilize your blood pressure. If after lying for 6-7 hours, you suddenly get up, there can be a pressure drop in the brain and this is known to be the most important factor in early morning strokes. When you recite the sloka slowly it is sufficient to get your brain used to new blood pressure.

After that we are being asked to recite a second sloka (Samudra vasane devi…) meaning “O mother earth, who has oceans as her clothes, mountains and forests as her body, who is the wife of the cosmic power, I bow to you, please forgive me as my feet are touching you!” and then touch the earth with palms and touch your head.

Some spiritualists say that when we sleep, our body experiences static potential energy. When we get up, it changes to dynamic kinetic energy because of the physical movement. When we bend down to touch the earth, static energy will be completely expelled from our system and replace with kinetic energy. When we first keep our feet on the ground, energy level descends and our stamina decreases. But, if we keep our hands on the earth, the energy level ascends and our body stamina increases doubly! Also, the bio static electricity in the body gets earthed through the fingers instead of the feet, reducing the chance of arthritis and many other nervous based disorders.

Honestly, I am not aware about such energies. There are other interpretations too. But I am sure that the person who practices this everyday will not have back pain or disc problems.

But what attracted me is the humbleness in this sloka which is a salutation and begging the forgiveness for stepping on her. If we have such reverence to the mother Earth, we will never be insensitive towards her and destroy her. So, we thus seek her permission to walk on her for our purpose. We remain in gratitude.

Our ancestors believe that these simple steps will ensure beginning of “ayur-arogya-soukhya” (longevity, health and happiness). This will maintain the sattvik qualities of your body, mind and beyond
Our sacred text Ashtanga Hridayam, vol. I, 2:1 says: “The healthy person should get up (from bed) during Brahma muhurta, to protect his life.” Remember the life-expectancy during those times was 120 years!

When people get up at 4.30 and practice this for some days, we will be grounded on the real self thus attracting the divine grace in us and most of the problems get dissolved.

However, if you really want the “ayur-arogya-soukhya”, says genuine yoga masters, you have to do 13 Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation Exercise of ancient Hindus) everyday during sunrise. And follow sattvik life style (like being good to self and stop eating dead bodies)
Try for yourself – you have nothing to lose. Try just for 41 days and find how much transformation happen to you. And for those who work in the night – If you focus on sattvik life, all other things will follow.

P.S: When you say “Good Morning” please do mean it. Don’t say superficially for the sake of formality. It should mean, “let’s have a good morning and if it is not good, let’s make it good together”
Udaylal Pai

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