The ‘Hindu Terror’ Jibe

The ‘Hindu Terror’ Jibe
Can a Hindu be a terrorist? Yes, of course. Is there any ‘Hindu terrorism’? No, absolutely not.

Confused, eh? It’s simple.

What’s terrorism? The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. Political aims include the organized religious push too.

Anyone born in Hindu religion can become a terrorist. For instance, we have seen 1984 Sikh Massacre, a series of organized pogroms against Sikhs in India in response to the assassination of Indira Gandhi – most of the killers were Hindus. The killers were workers of a political party named Congress, formed by Indira Gandhi.

Most of the Naxalites in India are Hindus. They kill innocent people. Almost all communist party workers are Hindus – in states like Kerala, they kill other human beings just like that, right?

Most of the Tamil Eelam (aka Tamil Tigers) activists, which was considered by Sri Lanka as terrorists, were Hindus.
But, those act of heinous violence cannot be termed as “Hindu Terrorism” and their actions cannot be compared to Islamist terrorists (Jihadis like Osama or Hafiz Muhammad Saeed ) or Christian terrorists (inquisitors like St. Francis Xavier).

Why? The answer is simple.

They didn’t kill people to protect Hindu beliefs. For, Hinduism neither propagate any beliefs nor convert people into its fold. The religion is NOT about beliefs but it is all about Self-realisation.

A Hindu need not feel insecure or angry when somebody questions his Holybook – for, there is no Holybook. Yes, we have – thousands of great books filled with immense cosmic wisdom. Those are written by enlightened sages. A Hindu need not kill people when somebody questions his prophet – we don’t have any prophet.

A Hindu has no responsibility to protect his/her Gods. On a lighter side, all Hindu Gods carry weapons and actually capable of protecting themselves. Seriously speaking, Hindu Gods used weapons ONLY to protect non-violence and NEVER asked us to kill an innocent human being just because he/she doesn’t believe in HIM.

Similarly, we don’t call Dawood Ibrahim, Abu Salem, Tiger Memon as an Islamic terrorist. They are criminals, not terrorists.

But when an Islamic fanatic (like those in ISIS) says that “if you kill or die for Islam, you would be rewarded by God,” he is called an Islamic terrorist. When a Muslim kill innocent people in the name of Allah, the Quran or Prophet, world call him Islamic terrorist.

So, a person born in Hindu religion can become a Congress terrorist (when massacred Sikhs), Naxal terrorists, Communist terrorists or Sri Lankan Tamil separatists. They are committing crimes NOT for the sake of Hinduism. But with different political motives.

In short, a Hindu doesn’t kill people to protect any God, Holybook or prophet or in the name of religion. So the term “Hindu Terrorism” is void and null.

You might ask a question – what happened in Gujarat, UP and Maharashtra between Hindus and Muslims or in between castes? Well, those were unfortunate riots between sections of people. Nobody brands riots under terrorism.

So, if somebody uses the word “Hindu Terrorism”, he/she is either totally ignorant or a complete nut or a totally crooked dirty-minded person with an ulterior motive.

What’s more, the core of Hindu dharma is founded upon the concept of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (=the world is one family) and every Hindu is taught to pray: “Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu”(an invocation for harmony and blessings for all of creation and all beings) and it is a prayer including all – believers and non-believers.

So there is no scope of division, discrimination, separatism, and exclusiveness in Hindu Dharma. All human beings are bonded by divine love!

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