The Hanuman Formula for Perfect Happiness in Today’s World!

Hanuman was my favorite childhood hero. Even today, he is my concept of hero. So, while researching on Hindu Puranas, my focus of attraction was always Hanuman.
My studies revealed to me that our ancestors wanted to describe the most powerful force in the universe and they chose a concept of Hanuman for this. It is way bigger than all our concepts of various Gods pictured by various religions.
In the figurative representation, Hanuman is a Monkey. There is a popular concept that Hanuman was a Brahmachari and a life-long bachelor. The concept and truth are different.
To begin in Brahmacharya doesn’t mean celibacy or being a chromic bachelor. Brahma means universal consciousness and charya means inter-mingle. So the real meaning of brahmacharya is not celibacy, but the person who knows the Brahma or universal wisdom.
Hanuman was one.
Technically he was married to Suvarchala Devi who was the daughter of Surya (the Sun god). According to Surya, Suvarchala is an ayonija (born without the participation of the yoni or female reproductive organ). That means She is not an actual woman but a concept.
According to Shastras, to perform Vedic rituals or study certain scriptures, one needs to have a spouse. Bachelors are not eligible to study scriptures like Nava Vyakarnas. The ‘unmarried’ Gurus or Saints made their appearance in the Indian subcontinent only in the last few centuries.
In short, Hanuman is not brahmachari in the popular sense but practices brahmacharya.
Despite being the most powerful force in the universe, Hanuman chose to do Rama Seva(service to Rama). It was everything and dedicated His entire life to Rama Seva.
Again, Rama is a representation of Dharma and love. Dharma means duty, responsibility, privilege, and right together. Without love and dedication, one cannot perfectly perform any Dharma.
Rama was the epitome of Dharma. Dharma can be defined as Rama. Also, no other couple in the has loved it like Rama and Sita. So Hanuman’s choice was right. Serving Dharma and love is the way of the universe!
Now, how did Hanuman remain happy? To answer that you ask a question yourself – what makes you happy? What gives you pleasure? Scientifically, happiness and pleasure are products of chemical actions controlled by the brain. Though pleasure appears physical, it is the action-reaction of chemicals controlled by the brain. The same nerve that carries the message of pleasure also carries the message of pain to the brain.
That’s if you realize happiness and pleasure are controlled by the brain by certain chemical spills, you can create the same situation by imagination or fantasising. It’s said that Hanuman was able to experience all pleasures and happiness in the world just by thinking about it (Smarana). This was a great lesson for me. That trick was a key to me for a great life experience.
We know that depression, frustration, being upset, etc are just chemical reactions followed by the irritant external factors, right? Why can’t we create an inner mechanism like that of Hanuman?
Imagine. Fantacise. Daydream. Think about the experiences you wish to have and expand on those. You can exaggerate them or make them more vivid, or replay them in your mind. Those things may not happen in the real world. But then, even if it happens how much more time it can sustain? After some time, it will disappear or you may not be able to get the same pleasure and happiness all the time.
In the world of Sankalpa, you’re the hero or heroine. You can steer it as you like. Nothing can stop you from doing anything in Sankalpa. The brain will listen to you. It will produce happy hormones and chemicals. That will shield you. That would help you physically too.
So, dare to dream. I do. The world is mostly unfair – but that’s the way of the world. It doesn’t affect me, why? I dare to dream. I don’t have to pay income tax or GST for my dreams. You can create a world as Hanuman did. In that world, you are with the Force. It would guide you.

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