The Dalit Factor – Me and My Dalit Friend

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  1. Madhu says:

    It is high time the Need to ban all religion in the world atleast in public personaly letthem pry if they want at home all religion is a law book created by that particular period by human most of the time with some statergy to help some section of peoples at that time ,for example Christianity promoted by the same people killed Jesus to suppress violent Judaism militants ,like Aryans promoted Hinduism to gain power and advantage over native Indian most of Indians 99% who are nonhindus now because because of they could not stand the harassment by this aryans philosophy ,now Islamic county they fighting each others first exploited women then rest of the people. if the same thing happens in india in the name of god our forefather’s suffered 1000s of years . what Gandhi and ambacker to some extent british also helped us to restore some harmony to our county now days selfish politician and some yoga gurus going to pull us back to 1000 year

  2. Guppy says:

    Raised in a brahmin family, I know the way Brahmins discriminate against the people classified as lower class. Your entire blog is an apolegitic argument that most casteist Hindus put forward. My blog above is from the heart and I don’t see any reason why I should deter from criticizing the practices of Brahmins that strictly believe manusmriti and don’t tell I’m a pseudo hindu because I have read manu smriti, the works of swami vivekananda and gospel of Ramakrishna. Sorry to say casteism is the child of upper caste hindu Brahmins and Brahmin children from poor background don’t need reservation rather they might need financial assistance. There are so many dalit families that dint even have a first generation graduate, are the upper caste Brahmins not responsible for that. Stop living in denial Sir…

  3. Mahesh Dange says:

    True,People always consider cast or relegion but need to consider VARN. And every person is separate individual. Cast is some thing which got documented and declared which may not correct. You would always surprised to see documented shudra but clever , documented as kshatriya but timid, documented as vaishya but not in business , documented as brahman but not so clever. This can be proved by VARN which would present in your Janmkundali. Because a documented (cast) shudra could be of a Brahman varn and vise varsa. So cast terminology is not correct. And this ‘varn’ terminology need not to consider as superiority or inferiority, but for self realisation, and progress of life as individual and of society and to create win-win situation, because the important 4 are equally important for all – dharma artha kaam and moksha. So varn need to be considered and not documented category. When the varn is identified as in your Janmkundali, all things would get answered and you will get answers of many chaotic questions. So next time when you come across to some contradiction, try to get the info of varn from janmkundali. Of course other factors are there to interfere but this is main. 🙂

  4. SAtish says:

    Gratitude .. ????????????

  5. R Subramanian says:

    Dear Mr.Uday Pal,

    You have expressed the feelings of many like me. It is a great article you have written. Well done.

  6. Suresh says:

    Satyameva jayate, is it true?????????????

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