The Ancient ‘Stress Buster’ Formula

stressI have been getting lots of messages and emails related to mental disorders – worry, anxiety, stress, nervous tension, depression and other conflicts and issues, asking if I can help them as my realm of study is mind.

Everybody wants shortcuts – miracle medicines, mantras or rituals – to overcome the state of mind they are in.

“What, according to ancient Indian scriptures, the reason for mental problems?” “Is it a curse?” “Was it because of sin?” “Is it caused by evil influence?” “Is it attack of negative energy?” “Is it demonic possession?” “Has somebody done black magic to ruin me?” “Is it owing to evil planets?” “Are stars angry with me?” “It appears somebody has put ‘eye’ on my family”… The questions are countless….

Fortunately, our ancient sages were not as superstitious or stupid as the modern man. The ancients have well-researched about human mind rationally and developed a perfect life-style to maintain healthy mind even for future generations. And it is very simple too…

According to ancient studies, the basic reasons for the friction in mind can be classified into two groups.

(1) Naisargika (Natural or Inborn)

(2) Arjita (Earned, Acquired or Obtained)

First: “Naisargika” (Natural) is further sub-divided into four – Mathrujam (born or descended or caused by mother), Pithrujam (born or descended or caused by Father), Vargajam (born or descended or caused by race) and Atmajam (born or descended or caused by the immaterial and immortal part of a human being or animal).

(Excerpt from my book “MIND YOUR MIND: Turn Frustration into Fascination” )

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