Is Tantra Pseudoscience? Is Tantric Sex Real?

“How to practice Tantric sex? Can Tantrics kill people using their powers? Is it true that we can create wealth using Tantric rituals? How to use Tantra to perform miracles? Are Indian temples built based on Tantra? Where can I learn Tantra Yoga to invoke my Kundalini power? How to bring up Kundalini to Sahasrara Padma (the top chakra)? Is Vedic Tantra powerful as they project?” – I have been getting many such questions from readers in the various part of the world.

Let me reproduce a discussion I had with my friend on the same subject few years ago.

Ratnakar Shenoy asked me: “Uday, what’s Tantra? Is it related to Vedic scriptures?”

“Tantra means technique or technology. According to many learnt sages, Tantra is developed almost same time as Veda – some 5000-7000 years ago. But it is not classified as Veda.”

“Were there any authentic sources of Tantra during that time?”

“Just like Veda, Tantra was also Sruti ( =that which is heard). It was not recorded or written down during that time. The first mention of Tantra was by Kulluka Bhatta in Manu Samhita (interpretation of manusmriti) while he was quoting Harita Samhita (one of the structuring dynamics of Rig Veda) saying that there are two types of Sruti – (1) Vaidikam (2) Tantrikam. Apart from that I don’t know if there are any references…”

“What does Tantra stands for? Some people say Tantra is used mainly related to sex. Others say it is all about sorcery and black magic. Yet another version of Tantra is used in building temples…”

“Could be – Only if you take the literal meaning of Tantra. There may be lot of techniques used in sex. Temple building is also based on some technology, right? Sorcery and black magic come under classification of frauds and fake, so I cannot comment on that…”

“Uday, I know you go by logic only. So, if we cut away the Superstitious part, what really is Tantra? Is it really scientific? How is it useful for us?”

“Since Tantra is developed by ancient Indian sages, it MUST be scientific and rational. And it is useful for us, if we practise it properly. Like all other things (yoga, pranayama etc) People mis-use Tantra just to exploit others and for making money. Tantra will be useful for entire mankind only if But one understands the real meaning and practice of it” I said.

“Can you explain about Tantra?”

“According to experts in Vedic Sanskrit there are two meaning for Tantra. (1) Tantra is that which expands your body (Tanuyathe vistarade idi tantra) and (2) Tantra is that which protects your body. In both cases it clearly says that it is related to body, as Tanu means body…”

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