Stress and Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder and Depression – Easy Way to Your Mind

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  1. Debasish Burman says:

    Dear Ashwin,

    Your story is exactly my story. Certain people have chosen to take birth during this period of time with a very very tough mission – it’s goal being to work and contribute in your own unique way in order to restore health and vitality of our beloved EARTH MOTHER who, as we all know is on the verge of collapse and extinction – all man made.

    You are suffering from bipolar disorder and I know what you are going through. In my case I attempted suicide 4 times but was miraculously saved each time. After my first attempt in 1984 (I was living in Goa then) I was put on lithium from the age of 24 by Dr A.P. Patkar (psychiatrist, Dadar, Mumbai). I am 55 now based at Nallasopara (W), in the suburbs of Mumbai.

    After my second attempt almost 10 years ago, Dr. Sachin Patkar his son, took over my case. He straightaway put me onto injections and shocks. I’ve lost track of how many I took – not less than 50 at the least. I have been institutionalised at Masina Hospital, Byculla about 3 times.

    Lost all hope and felt as though I was living between the devil and the high seas. Medicines started getting stronger along with injections (shocks?). Life became a hopeless hell. Earlier, I tried everything from reiki, yoga, gym, Japanese form of healing, meditation, Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Bach flower therapy – almost everything under the sun, but to no avail.

    I read every book – mostly spirituality and science based, I could lay my hands on. Some “Friends”, in the meanwhile gave me the following books to read: Kryon series, Pleiadians, Ramtha, David Icke…

    Then about 2 years ago, a massive responsibility was put on my shoulders. I tried to escape it in every possible way but had learnt from past experience that “THERE IS NO ESCAPE”. So why not face it instead? I was instituinilised once again about 18 months ago. This time the experience was inexplicably horrible. Then when I returned home, I firmly decided that I would not go back at any cost.

    During my next doctor’s visit, I firmly told him that I would not take any more injections but only medicines – take it or leave it. Then I “wanted” to live. From a very early age I “knew” that I had a major mission in this lifetime. I even had visions regarding the same. However I was branded insane and generally avoided.

    Being a Hindu but having stayed in Goa from early childhood, I was exposed to Christianity, through my convent education. However much later after I settled down in Nallasopara, I developed a desire to study our scriptures but couldn’t find any good books in English ( the only language know thoroughly). I found ISCON books “shady”. Finally I came across the Mahabharata by krishna dharma (British convert) and “Bhagwad Gita” by Swami Sivananda. These resonarted with my soul and I dived deep into them – as my last and final hope. I kept in constant touch my younger sister Megha in Goa who looks after my mother – now 83.

    I totally surrendered to “Lord Krishna” and started continuous nasmaran (constant taking His name mentally). I meditated. Suddenly I understood the Bhagwad Gita and my mission in life became crystal clear. I wasted no time and went about it in full earnest. I experience many little “miracles” every day. Life has become sheer bliss now. I am able to work almost 12 to 14 hours a day. It’s been almost a year now since I got an attack of depression. My manic stage is quite controlled too. Doctor reducing medicines and doses gradually. Seeing me after a gap of 2 months. Himself rather shocked but not acknowledging it due to professional ego and mental block due to his “Specialised knowledge” and “vast experience”. Miracles not a part of his “scientific mindset”. Suits me. I’ve become self-dependent (independent) now. Created a support group called “Global Soul Group”. We give emotional support to each other whenever necessary and also discuss global issues endangering our planet now and what we can do about it. Some projects already started. Need your blessings. Immensely grateful to Mr. Uday Pai to have “enabled” me to serve you. Thank you. Any questions, Whatsapp me on 8148748157 or email me on [email protected].

    Pursue your “DREAM” or “MISSION” come what may. It HAS to happen for that is why you were born in the first place. Age is only a number. It is never too late. It is never too late to make amends and dissolve your guilts too. Once you are on track, the whole universe (God) starts supporting you until you complete your mission just like Swami Vivekananda did.

    Then you shift from being “mind” (impermanent brain) centered to being “soul/atma” centered. You stop “thinking” but just go with the “flow” as guided by your soul – intuition. Thinking only becomes task oriented like when filling a form or calculating something. Nothing more. Meditate. You REALIZE that you are a SOUL in a physical (our bodysuit) journey or game – the ULTIMATE VIRTUAL REALITY GAME called LIFE. When you “die” you WAKE UP and jump back into the loving arms of our FATHER-MOTHER: “GOD”. “WOW! What a ride!” Rest and then plan for the next game! Bye!

  2. Tridevi Sunkara says:

    Its seriously very nice sir…????

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