Stone is God, but God is Not Stone!

IdolsA reader has written to me: “Why do Hindus worship Idols? Why don’t they understand it is just a stone? Why don’t they try to learn from the modern religions like Islam and Christianity and stop this childish Idol Worship, Uday?”

I wrote back to him: “The only religion in the world that doesn’t need to worship an idol is Hinduism. It is optional for Hindus to worship idols or not. But for all other religions, it is a MUST and mandatory.”

Surprised? Many people have raised similar question on Hinduism.

The Webster’s Dictionary says: “Idolatry is the worship of a physical object as a god of any object, person.” That means Idol is an image or representation of a god. One that is adored, often blindly or excessively can also be called Idol worship.Please continue reading at

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6 Responses

  1. Sushil says:

    God and death are two sides of same coin one can assume shape of other ie God gives life and he takes back life. stone can give life and also can take life. E.g.virus can exist in stone. It is fact not belief of a person which all should follow.

  2. A.S. hariprasad says:

    A beautiful analysis and in depth study of the subject. Namaskar.

  3. Kanika says:

    Khaja@ nobody worship cow or rat or snake here. Hindus respect all living beings including ants cows and snakes. If doing aarti, applying tilak or offerig food(to animals) is regarded as worship then even guests, newly wedded couples or warriors are also worship. Believe it not, animal worship had preserved many plant and animal species.

  4. Khaja says:

    Can you explain me if we agree what ever like cow rat donkey we worship blindly is correct

  5. Khaja says:

    If you are religion is so authentic then it is not cosmopolitan. It’s important to have knowledge about other religions but what ever you have told in this article about Islam is only some part is true please first learn and have complete knowledge and write

  6. Narayanan says:

    I find the Article very informative and helpful

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