Soulmates, Souls and Other Funny Things

SoulFew months ago, I met Sunil, my college mate now an NRI, who offered me to have tea with him. While we were having tea the rain started. So we had to spend some time together talking various things. In between he asked me: “How’s your soulmate?”



“Ah, she is doing good…”

“You didn’t understand the meaning of soulmate?”

“I understood. But why did you use heavy word like soulmate instead of simple word wife?”

“Don’t you know, the soulmate is destined by god…Perfect marriages are made in Heaven as god decided who to marry whom…The men and women each have half of the same soul (like a unique matched pair of shoes).”

“The world population exceeded 7 billion as on March 12, 2012, which means anybody among them should be soulmate to anybody…If there is only one perfect mate for each of us, the odds of finding them are astronomical. So the entire concept is silly”

“But, that’s what all religions say…”

“In that case, I would say, God is a racist. God promotes religion, race, regionalism, and caste…”
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