Sex and the Saint

“Uday, recently quite a lot of cases of sexual abuse by Hindu Saints, Gurus, Godmen, Sages, Priests, and clergy came into the limelight. Have you noticed that?” a question from Sam Alfred, an ex-colleague.
“Is it confined to Hinduism only, Sam?” I asked.
“No. Priests and clergy in all religions are becoming culprits…” Sam said
“Yes, In the US alone, Catholic Churches spent US $300 million (INR 25000 million) on sex abuse-related costs in a year. But you cannot bring a particular religion or sect into this trend. Yes, I have read a lot of news stories about sexual abuse by so-called Hindu spiritual traders and Gurus. Celibate priesthood is flimsy.”
“Why is the sudden uptake of such cases? Is it because the moral order of the world is diminishing following lifestyle changes or of hormone gush by over nutrient food intake?”
“I don’t think there is a sudden uptake. There were fewer reports in the past. We know the government is always scared of the clergy. And mainstream media would not dare publish such newsThe religious authorities or law enforcement were scared to file cases against clergy. Now that there is a wide spread of mobile phones and usage of social media. So more incidents are being reported.”
“Still, I believe only less than 1% of such abuse cases are coming into the limelight. What’s your take on that?”
“I would generally say that ‘were ever there is celibacy, there are high chances of sexual abuse and persecution’. But I can’t generalize it. I would say most of those ‘Chastity’ claims cannot be true. Yes, we know there are people like Abdul Kalam, Atal Bihari Vaypaye, Narendra Modi, etc who remained bachelors without any allegations of sexual abuse. I know many RSS Pracharaks and Priests/Nuns in Christianity who are confirmed bachelors/spinsters out of their passion for the respective ideology they follow. But such people may be a minority.”
“Uday, can I say only 10% are true to the self and the majority are fake?”
“Sam, I don’t have statistics, and without hardcore data, I can’t make any comments. Of course, apart from those passionate minorities, there might be people who remain chaste out of physical or mental conditions.”
“Ah, right, Like those men who don’t have ‘pick-up’ or women who are frigid. According to scientific studies, all others are somehow involved in sexual activities…In short, you mean to say, so-called spiritual guys and clergy are not free from sexual desires?”
“Science says so. Can you satiate hunger by just imagining that you don’t have hunger? Can you quench thirst just by imagining that you’re not thirsty?”
“No. I have to eat and drink to sustain.”
“We can control our desires to some extent. The desire to breathe, eat, to have sex all can be controlled to varying degrees, but we can’t cancel them. It’s the brain’s decision and you have no role in it,” I said.
“Udayji, but some people say according to science you can control sex…”
“You can control it, but cannot cancel it. Scientific research established the brain’s primary role in sexual activity. Sex drive, for example, originates in the hypothalamus, which is responsible for testosterone production in the testes. Because men have larger hypothalami, for instance, they have more testosterone. This explains why the male sex drive often exceeds those of females, why men tend to initiate sexual contact, and why men are less cautious about who they take on as sexual partners. I don’t know how is it possible to cancel the stimuli and drive…”
“That could be the reason priest, saints, and sages get involved in sexual abuse and perversions…”
“Could be. That’s why Sanatan Dharma doesn’t promote celibacy for priests. Even the Great Sages and Rishis, Maharishis of the (Hindu) Vedic system were mostly married, and their wives were also extremely knowledgeable and more than competent in knowing the concepts of the Vedas, shastras, yogic & worship techniques, etc. You’re not entitled to perform most of the Vedic rituals if you’re not married. Similarly, you cannot be the chief priest of any traditional temple if you’re not married. Hinduism doesn’t promote celibacy in Dharma and truly acknowledges the important of sex in life. However, a person needs to remain a bachelor till he finishes his studies, it says. Today, we can see that there are few Gurus and Godmen falsely claim that they are chaste.”
“Like Nityananda…”
“I don’t make any comments on individuals. Since a vast majority of human beings are prone to having natural, biological, hormone secretions and mood swings, sexual tendencies, being wayward, and looking for adventurism, they would better be married off. However, as I said, there are also very passionate dedicated bachelors/spinsters for whom the real intoxicating spirit is what they believe as being spiritual.”
Nothing can be generalized, but sex is the very basic need of any living creature and it is purely natural. (Message No – 329)
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