Religious Conversion Business: Offshore Spiritual Harvesting Industry!

convertA message from a UK born desi who is my reader:”Why don’t you write about forceful religious conversion happening in India by Vishwa Hindu Parishad and others?”

I asked her: “Have you ever heard of the “Coonan Cross Oath”?”

“No. But you are trying to change the subject”

“The oath, known as “Koonan Kurishu Satyam”, was taken by Saint Thomas Christian community of Kerala state in India on 3rd January 1653. It was against forceful conversion by barbarian Portuguese missionaries and to maintain the real secular life in India. The oath resulted in declaration of the sovereignty of Malankara Church in 1665 AD, denying the Pope.” It was not Hindus, but Christians who had revolted against forceful conversion to Christianity! They raised voice even against Pope!

Lot of good Christians is distressed seeing misuse of the name of Jesus Christ for business of conversion. Religious conversion is an offshore MLM (multi-level marketing) business for these traders.

“You mean to say conversion is business and trade?”

“Yes, of course. Spirituality is the biggest industry in the world. The fights between religions are just about the market share. Religion marketing can be defined as the art of separating the rich from their money and the poor from their traditions, under the pretext of saving the former from their guilt and the later from their poverty.”

I am not talking about the true religious followers. Here the discussion is about the industry run in the name of religions. First, let us take Christianity for instance. For, this industry has mastered a business model better than others. It has become heavily institutionalized involving giant multinational religious enterprises. They run huge offshore MLM business. If business is bad, who will pay for the luxurious life in palatial bungalows for those priests? Please continue reading at

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  1. Guruprasad Rao says:

    Very True.

  2. S K KAMATH says:

    Sir. a great write up and an eye opener. Can I put this articles with your name in FB.

    Satyanarayan Kamath.

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