Problems Arise from Stupidity. And Instant Happiness!

problemRecently, a young lady Meera Gopal (not real name) from UAE has sent a WhatsApp message seeking time to talk. She is facing a lot of problems, she said. Among lot of her problems (can’t mentioned here) one is her husband, a highly paid top medical officer; drinks heavily and physically and verbally abuse her and children when he drinks. She blamed lot of people surrounding her for the sad situation she is in. She has two children and doesn’t have a job.

“My husband is a male chauvinistic pig. There is no support from any relatives or friends. All of them are selfish. All are exploiting me,” Meera said.

“Didn’t you talk to your parents?” I asked.

“I don’t have father. Last time when we came to India, my mother took me to a famous astrologer…”

“Okay – I will tell you the rest of the story.”

“What sir?”

“Just looking at some astrology tools or chart you the astrologer found about your problems, right?”

“Yes Uday sir – but how did you know?”

“He told you that according to planetary positions your time is extremely bad and you are facing a very rough weather.”

“Yes sir”

“In fact, there is a papa graha (dark planet) looking into your husband under its influence your husband doing wrong acts…It is not his fault.”

“Exactly, how did you know sir?”

“When he said, the reason for your problems is not you and not even your husband, but the planets elsewhere, you felt totally relieved and relaxed, right?”

“Yes sir”

“Then he has prescribed a couple of homams (haven = rituals) – could be Mrutunjaya, Chandi and Ganapathy. He also recommended the best priests or temples to perform it…”

“Yes sir. That was very kind of him….how did you know all these things? No wonder lot of people approaches you with their problems…”

“Then he said he wouldn’t charge you, you can give whatever, but not less than Rs 1000, in a betal leaf, right?”

“We paid Rs 5000/-. But only I, my mother and the astrologer know these incidents, how did you come to know? You have divya drishti (divine power). I can’t really express my surprise Uday sir….” she was excited.

“After those rituals, you went back to Dubai but there was no change in your husband attitude, so one of your friends, who could be a reader of my website, asked you to contact me…”

“Here, you went wrong sir – it was not any friend, I recently stumbled upon your website…”

What’s happening here? Your ego says you can never be wrong. So, when somebody says that the reason for your problem is not you, and not even your husband, but some non-existing planets or stars, your ego get a psychological solace. Sometimes, after the rituals, your problems can dissolve – especially when the problem is the creation of exaggeration of mind or a time-bound one. But any serious, present and clear problems won’t be solved.

“Okay. If I tell you that you have to meet another famous astrologer and perform a couple of rituals, will you do that?” I asked.

“Of course, yes Uday sir. I will. Sitting overseas you could read my mind clearly and predict exactly what had happened, so I can blindly trust you sir…”

“Hmm…No wonder you face such problems in life! And I am sure that you will continue to face much more problems and would end up depressed, dissatisfied person…”

“Sir – why are you cursing me…?”

“I didn’t curse you – Just like I guessed and predicted those incidents, I am predicting your future too…Because the story is same for all stupid people…”

“But what stupid wrong thing I have done?”

“Three things. (1)Being an educated idiot, (2)Believing that somebody else can solve your problem and (3)believing that some planets somewhere caused your problems and situation…A sum total of stupid beliefs will transform to a chaotic end – I don’t need any divya drishti to predict such things. It’s just common-sense…”I said.

-Kalidas is the greatest literary personalities of all time but he was very stupid during his early stage. One sunny day, Kalidas was sitting on a branch of a tree, trying to saw it off. A Ola man passing by saw the dimwitted young man was sitting on the wrong end of the branch and sawing it. He said: “Youngman, stop sawing through the branch, you will tumbled down” Kalidas didn’t listen to him and continue sawing till finally down he tumbled! Luckily he got up without much problem, ran behind the Old man and asked him: “Sir, how could you predict that I will fall down?”

“We create problems out of our stupidity. Then our conditioned mind would accuse somebody as the creator of the problem. And the stupidity breaches its limit when we believe that someone else has a solution for my problem…”

“Oh, is it?”

“90% of the problems in your life are your own creations. We are solely responsible for the problems and situations we are in. That’s why ancients called it Karma Phala (result of your deed). Once you are deeply immerse in the problem, then you will never see a solution. If you don’t realize this truth, you will sink into the problem. The situation will deteriorate from bad to worse.”

“So, what to do Uday sir?”

“First, take up the responsibility of your problems. Because any problem is unique for you. It’s made by or for you”

“I can prove the involvement of others in it.”

“The problem is something that happens specifically to you. When you get some money, you would say, “I own it”. You buy a silk saree (that involves hundreds of hands from – weaver to sales girl – before coming to you) you say, I own it. But when you get a problem, you dis-own it. You are in a denial stage. You want others to own your problem….”

“I still don’t understand”

“When a problem happens to you, you will have to take up the ownership and responsibility of it. That’s the only way to beat your ego and cool down your mind. That’s the only way to avoid yourself from sinking in it. Otherwise your mind would 24/7 produce the thoughts related to that problem. You will become integral part of that problem. But, once you accept the reality and take up responsibility, you will be able to see it AS IS – not as the interpretation of your conditioned mind. You would be able see it without being subjective. You can see the problem as an outsider….” (See

“But how will that change the situation? It remains the same…”

“You said you have read Bhagavad Gita. Remember the situation of Gita. It happened in the Warfield. The situation remained the same even after Krishna’s Gita revelation. The only change happened was in Arjuna’s mind set towards the situation. His attitude towards the situation changed. Krishna de-conditioned Arjuna’s mind. And Arjuna took the responsibility of the situation and fought it out. Krishna didn’t perform any magic here.”

“That’s right…”

“And you said you believe in God. When you believe in God, how can you insult god?”

“What? No sir – I didn’t insult the god.”

“Any situation in life is provided with the knowledge of god. So worrying about the situation is insulting god’s wisdom…”

“So, what should I do sir?”

“You are again asking me for solution. Please don’t seek solutions outside. You are a unique expression of the divine. You are perfect with all your imperfection. So the problem for you is unique. Nobody can find answers for you. Problems are mandatory, worrying is optional. (See Manage your ego and you can find the solution.”

“How do you find solutions for your problems, sir?” Meera is very intelligent. Putting the ball again into my court.

“Hmmm. You won’t leave me or what?,” I asked her, “Okay. This is my little secret. I know my brain is just an organ like hand or legs. (See It works like computer. It can think only in a way it was programmed (conditioned). That’s the limitation of the brain. And within that limitation it produces thoughts. So I don’t trust my thoughts…And I don’t chase those thoughts.”

“That’s all?”

“Yes, that’s all. Stop trusting our thoughts. Take up the responsibility of problems happening to you. Be aware about it – you will definitely see solution and will instantly be happy”

“If problems do not disappear or situation does not change even after all those exercises?”

“If there are ABSOLUELY no solutions to my problem, I cannot do anything about it – then there is no point in worrying about it – I relax and welcome the inevitable. If I have a solution for my problem, then why should I worry about it?”

“Good logic. Can I seek god’s interference?”

“Yes, only if you get up at 4a.m. regularly, light the lamp to your favorite god and pray earnestly for the wellbeing of the universe, not just for you…”

“I have read about the power of getting up early and being sattivk in your site” she said happily, “but I want to know if there are any specific prayers”

“Yes. Don’t pray: “God, please solve my problem”. Instead pray like this: “Mr. Problem, I have God to take care of me. So just piss off!”

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  1. gomathy says:

    wow nice. This story explains my mental state and lalji thank you for the solution

  2. dinesh says:

    Hello Udaiji,
    Not sure why you are so skeptical about astrology..i remember reading one of your posts on your past life and astrological prediction was that article you did not bother to comment on astrology
    agreed that there are many fraud astrologers in the market just like many ayurvedic doctors you mentioned in your previous posts.
    As you found out an authentic ayurvedic doctor,there are many authentic astrological gurus and spirtual leaders who are expert in astrology.
    and just like any science where some theories go wrong,astrological predictions may also sometimes go is the problem of the astrologer/scientist, if the theory is incorrect and not of astrology.

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