BeachA man was standing near a beautiful beach. He wanted to take bath in the ocean – a calm ocean without waves, to be precise. So he waited for the waves to stop so as to take bath.

Will he be successful?
All of us know the answer: “No”

All of you would say: “He is not going to take bath at all. Doesn’t he know waves won’t stop? He is a fool.”

It is very easy to see other’s foolishness. But when it comes to us, we won’t see our foolishness.

This is what I told my friend when we talked about his marriage. He wants to get married. He is already 36. He has many problems, he says – family, social, official, health, neighbors, relatives…quite a lot of problems. Sometimes he feels like committing suicide – because there seems no end or solutions to his problems in life.
He is leading a miserable life. So he is suppressing his need for marriage.

“How can I marry Sir? Without peace of mind, how can I? It’s my destiny sir. Please can you help me solving my problems? I want to settle down everything and lead a peaceful married life…” (As if marriage would bring in peace!)

That’s when I told him about the man in the beach. I told him an incident with a management guru. This guru appeared to be pious, calm, peaceful and composed. One day I met him in a business class hotel. He was there for his one-day program on “How to avoid stress and cope up with situations”

He was totally upset and tensed. I asked him why. He said: “What to say yaar? Only few seats are sold for tomorrow’s program. I don’t know what to do?”

(Excerpt from my book “MIND YOUR MIND: Turn Frustration into Fascination” )

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