Positive and Negative Energy : Your concepts of negative may be someone’s positive!

Recently I visited an old friend. I have met a lady in his house. She is his relative who practices something known as “pranic healing”. She said she knows me and have read many of my articles.

She talked to me about the positive energy. It can be created in human body and can use for good purpose. “All diseases can be treated by positive energy coming from our hand. There is an aura around our body. When the positive energy is at its best, a glow can appear behind our head. All these holistic healthcare system is scientifically proved.”

“Really? Amazing…”

“Sir, you should write about it – so lot of people will get benefitted…” she said.

“Madam, I don’t know about such positive or negative energy. It may be that our modern science is not yet reached there. But your concepts about positive rays coming from hand and glow behind the head are old-fashioned water-colour picture concepts used in wall calendars. In my childhood we also had a calendar picture framed at home – it is about ‘Gajendra moksha’. Glowing light coming from Lord Vishnu falls on the elephant Gajendra. There is a glowing sun rounded up behind Vishnu’s head…I guessed this was just an artistic imagination…”

“Sir- you have learned Hindu Puranas…Still you don’t believe in positive energy and rays?”

“I always follow what Swami Vivekananda said -Anything of western origin- verify it and then accept it. Anything of Indian origin- accept it & verify it if necessary.  I have not read anywhere about such positive or negative energy or rays…It looks very comical and childish to me…”

“But even in science, you have negative and positive. For instance temperature…”

“Madam, the Celsius scale remains a centigrade scale in which there are 100 degrees from the freezing point (0°C) and boiling point (100°C) of water – there are temperature below zero degree we denote it as minus (negative) just as a tool for the measuring purpose. Similarly we have many such plus and minus mathematical calculations just for the sake of scaling and measuring matter and energy.”

“You are ignorant…There is negative energy in this universe.”

“Yes, I am ignorant…I don’t know. But, as long as it is scientifically NOT demonstrated, how can you say it exists (scientifically). Energy is a function of mass. How can energy be negative? In the energy equation (E = mc2), what is negative? It would be impossible as mass can’t be negative.”

“Then, what about anti-matter or dark matter in this universe?”

“Anti-matter is not a form of negative energy. Madam, as of today, we know four fundamental forces or energies (gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear). But there are no positive or negative in those forces. Of course, there is an arbitrary setting of the zero of the energy scale. The concept of gravitational (potential) energy being negative arises from this arbitrary choice of a zero potential energy. So any gravitational potential energy below that zero is defined as negative for measuring purpose only. It doesn’t emit any negative energy.”

“But there has been studies showing the bad effects of negative energy and curing effect of positive energy.”

“As far as I know, there is no such approved research finding and hence it lacks scientific credibility. If negative and positive energy exists in human beings, what are the describable properties ? How can we detect and measure such energies? Such energy healing is not been accepted by the scientific and medical communities as an effective therapy. Your concept of “universal negative energy” is unknown to natural science. The existence of such energy has not been observed by means of natural science – hence, the justification for these therapies necessarily must come from something other than science…”

“But such positive energy healing techniques works in real life…”

“Yes – it may work at times. I agree with you. BUT there is a very BIG condition for that: You MUST believe in it. When something works (that too sometimes with few people) only when you believe in it, cannot be called science. It is just belief.”

“Uday sir – you are contradicting – you accept it works. But you say it is not scientific….”

“Madam, God’s existence cannot be proven by science. But I always surrender to the God’s will – that’s the guiding philosophy in my life for being happy. Why do I seek scientific explanation for such things? I have experienced so many miracles in life. There are lot of people found better life following my advice that do not have any logic and scientific reasoning. Many happenings in life do not have scientific explanations. And I don’t need it….”

She looked confused. I said: “Any such energy and belief-based remedies (people mistakenly call it as ‘holistic medicines’ which is a different thing altogether) cannot be acceptable universally. Take for instance, cancer sure: positive energy therapies can be used to enhance comfort and well-being in a chemotherapy infusion center. But if you prescribe ONLY placebos such as positive rays or energies to cancer patients, it will do more harm than good…”I said.

“So you don’t believe in positive and negative energies…” she asked again to see if I change my mind.

“Why do you need my affirmation? We have right to believe in or dis-believe in anything. You may believe in “negative energy” (or negative chi, negative aura, or whatever) as detrimental energy that a person gives off. But I have never directly observed negative energy. And if you want to believe in something, believe it – trying to find a scientific support to your belief is clearly shows you are very doubtful about it. Why do you need to prove your belief by modern science? we should avoid telling everything “scientifically” true! Let’s don’t mix up our beliefs with science.”

“What do our scriptures say about it?”

“Our ancient scriptures go deep into meta-science. The Parabrahma (the supreme energy or the cosmic energy) is formless and Nirguna (=without attributes) – it is neither positive nor negative. Only small minded people like us see things as negative and positive- in a larger spectrum of universe, there is no negative and positive. That’s what our ancestors taught us. And this is what modern physics also teaches. Why do you want to mix up your beliefs with that?”

“Hmmm. So you are ruling out possibility of such alternative cure…” she asked.

“I am not ruling out anything – everything is possible in this space–time continuum. Belief-based alternative healing may work for some people at some time. But not for all.  SO, when you promote such system, you are cheating a patient. Such exploitation happens in these “energy” cure systems. Generally insecure human beings live based on this philosophy: WE CAN’T ACCEPT BITTER TRUTHS IN LIFE, BUT WE CAN READILY ACCEPT FALSE HOPES! Your alternative healing thrives based on hopes! I know it is hopeless…”

“I have statements from VIPs showing that my system worked with them…”

“You can use it for advertisements…Statements from people are not enough for scientific proof. I can also say that prayer cured my common-cold without taking any medicines. Madam, science has its own methodology. If you want scientific base, what prevents you to conduct a research applying scientific methodology and proving it?”

“I got your point. So what should I tell my patients? ”

“Tell them honestly that this is a belief based system and it is not scientifically proven. Beliefs can work miracles on them as most of the diseases are psychosomatic in nature. But when a person comes to you with serious sickness, don’t cheat him/her saying cock and bull stories to prove your system is right. Take him to a good doctor along with your pranic healing.”

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2 Responses

  1. rajeev says:

    its indeed correct what is mentioned all the person will have there strong and week side so u should not always see his week empazise more on his postive skills

  2. Pavan says:

    I’d learned and practice REIKI, another of the healing systems.
    I don’t feel it’s only the belief system that works. It’s the power of the intention of the healer which heals (maybe temporarily as the wound would be v deep to fill). So saying that Reiki or pranic healing is only a belief system is not entirely true.
    I don’t claim that Reiki cured all my problems, but I can safely say i’m more comfortable with them now. About the negative energy thing, you have me thinking now. I’ll have to research and ponder on the topic more.

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