Is Mrityunjaya Mantra Powerful?

“Can Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra (a Vedic hymn) defy death and cure us from diseases, Udayji?”

“I asked my son to recite Lord Shiva’s Mrutunjaya Mantra. He says it doesn’t have any logic in it…May I request you to explain the science behind it, as you say all Vedic scriptures are scientific”

“You know Uday, our great thinker Rishi Markandeya has written this Mritunjaya mantra for people who want to conquer over untimely death in life. The Mrithunjaya Homam (haven) will prevent premature deaths due to health problems, accidents, injuries, etc…”

In my humble opinion, all these statements pop up from some misunderstanding.

To start with, Shiva is not a Vedic God. Lord Shiva is a Puranic concept of God and not a real person. (See Is Shiva For Real?)

There are absolutely NO thinkers among Hindu Sages. They were NOT writers. Mantras are recited as they see it or experience it. That experience surpasses mind. With limited conditioned mind we cannot experience the cosmos. Thinking happens with mind only. So, they were not thinkers. They recited in the state of being oneness and those who heard it repeated. Mantras were written down thousands of years later.

The mantra (Rig-Veda, Mandala 7, Hymn 59) is clearly attributed to the rishi Vashishta – one of the Saptarishis. Hence the mantra is not written by Markandeya.

Nothing can defy death. This mantra cannot be for personal selfish benefits.

The Vedic meaning of Mrityu, according to experts, is not death. It is pain (physical and mental) arising from bondage with the attached.

So instead of blindly following nonsense, let’s check step by step about what’s the real meaning of the Tryambaka mantra (which is known as Mrityunjaya Mantra). What’s the logic and scientific aspects of this mantra?

(Excerpts from my book: MANTRAS and RITUALS: THE LOGIC OF HINDU SCIENCE. For further reading: ) You may visit Amazon site of your respective country and search “B093Z2M52M”

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