Moon and Human Body

“Udayji, all astrologers say that the position of the moon and sun cause ocean tides. They say planets influence of human body which contains 90% is water. Therefore, sun and moon affect your life…” Jithesh Mishra from Patna.

(This also can be considered as the second part of Kundli, Horoscope Match, Vedic Astrology – Real or Hoax? – Here is the link to the first part: )

“What’s your higher qualification Jitheshji?”

“I am Ph.D. in computer science, Udayji…”

“Ah, you must have learned science then. You blindly believed in three mistakes they say. Number one, Sun and Moon are not planets. Sun is a star and Moon is Earth’s only natural satellite. Number 2 – you’re not an aquatic creature, the human body contains 60-65% water only. Technically it is fluid and liquid, not just water. And three, tides do not affect the human body…”

“How can you say that?”

“Tides effects very large ocean bodies. Last checked humans were not the size of all the oceans on Earth, combined. If they were then, yes, the Moon would create tides in them. The gravitational pull or tidal force to our body almost NIL. When compared to the earth’s mass and density we are nothing. This means they have considerably no effect on the body.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that.”

“Fill a tube with water. Take note of the moon tide to check if any changes happen to that tube of water? You will see there is no difference. It will be even less when we take a cell in your body surrounded by a membrane. It isn’t going anywhere due to the pull of the moon or the Sun. Or take a tub of water – there won’t be any changes. The moon moves great bodies of water because great bodies of water have great mass and therefore a greater gravitational attraction. You haven’t seen tides affecting small bodies of water to any noticeable extent. Even the tides on the large lakes are nearly unnoticeable.”

“Yes, I remember learning about the relation of mass and force…” he said.

“I was a physics student. But I don’t remember the formulas. So I am taking this from a reference: The equation is F = Gm1m2/r^(2), where F is the force due to gravity, between two masses (m1 and m2), which are a distance r apart; G is the gravitational constant. Assuming your weight 80kg, the mass of the earth’s water is around trillions of times as much…”

“Yes, you are right, Udayji…”

“Jitheshji, to make money, many astrologers may talk rubbish or nonsense. You’re a science student. You should at least use your logic..”

“OK, now I understood that predictive astrology and horoscope has nothing to do with Vedas or Vedic scriptures. It is not scientific too. But they use mathematical calculation in that…”

“Jitheshji, I told you – you are a citizen of India and free to believe in anything. But just someone using mathematics doesn’t make it scientific. We apply maths everywhere. For all card games, sports, arts, everywhere you might need some application of mathematics. Maths is used in bank frauds. Robbers, thieves, or even killers make use of mathematics, time, science, etc…Gamblers also use maths.”

“Udayji, then how come the predictions come true? Long ago, while I was in junior college I read your article in which you have predicted almost 100% correct…”

“Yes, I have seen and experienced that some prediction came true. Prediction is totally unrelated to the medium – like planets, betal leaf (tamboola), charts, Cowrie shells, palm (a chirologist would read the palm), buttocks (Rumpologists predict by examining crevices, dimples, warts, moles, and folds of a person’s buttocks), parrots etc that they use. You can also predict with up to 99% accuracy in certain conditions. There are scientific reasons for it…” (I shall write about it sometime later after a break. I would like to write on different subjects each week. Once in a while, lengthy topics are required to be discussed in two or three parts. So after few other independent articles, I shall resume the third part).
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