Beauty-FlowersTwo months ago, a friend in Mumbai called me: “My cousin, Vijay (not real name) is suffering from some mental problems – facing extreme anxiety and depression and can’t lead a quality life anymore. He is an IIT product and was running an ITES business successfully, now totally broken….”
“He should consult a good psychiatrist…”I said.

“He did. But the problem is that every month the drug dosage gradually goes up. I am scared that he will end up as a vegetable or a zombie on account of increasing dosage of psych drugs. You are doing research on mind and you have cured the case of Ms.X, that’s why I am approaching you…” he said.

“It was accidental. Sometimes people get cured due to their good karma and divine grace – I just share the wisdom of our ancestors, so some people may get benefited. It is just a chance.” I said.

“There is nothing wrong in taking any such chances now. Please…” he was like pleading. Usually, I don’t take up any such cases until and unless I intuitively feel.

However, I agreed. Vijay came to see me. He is an intelligent person. Thanks to Google, he knows everything about psychology and the medicines. That means his mind is full. Trying anything is like pouring water into a full cup. Before I counsel him, he has to empty his cup. So I told him about my discussion with my late-friend Mohammed Khalid (https://udaypai.in/?p=409) about a dream he had.

“Recently I saw a tiger is chasing to eat me and I am trying to escape by running…” he had said.

“Ok, in your dream, you are being chased by a tiger. So, there is a person, who is running, experiencing…and the experience appearing real, otherwise how could you feel fear, palpitation and sweat? The experiences in the dreams are mostly real…For instance, if you are kicking in the dream you may raise your legs…it is so real…So you were running; it was for real at that point of time.”

“Yes – I understand your point…”

“Who is seeing that? One person should see that…Just like you are seeing a video shoot of yours.”

(Excerpt from my book “MIND YOUR MIND: Turn Frustration into Fascination”
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B092ZQ5QJ6 )

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