Meditation is Not a Competition Item to Set Goal

meditation“I have been meditating for one hour everyday morning for the last 30 years. But I don’t see any results. I have tried all techniques and methods taught by various gurus and read through lot of books…” a reader – Sudhakar Shenoy, 47 years, Pune – told me.

He asked me: “How was your meditating experience Udaymam?” (Mam is often used as equivalent to Shri or Mister in Konkani langauage)

“You mean to ask, did I hear bell ringing? Did I smell fragrance? Or did the heaven showered flowers?” I smiled at him.

“Yes, something like that…Meditation is a divine travel of soul from Muladhara to Sahasrarapadma, right? That’s what a Guru (he mentioned name of a famous Swami) taught me. But I didn’t experience the Samadhi. So Guru said that’s because of my fault and past sin….Is it so?”

“I also have read about such things, but I don’t know. You better ask your learnt Gurus. My understanding of Dhyana (meditation is a loose translation, but let me use it) is different.”

“What technique do you use for meditation, Udaymam?” he asked. Techniques and tools are very important for him, as he was conditioned in that way. “I am very much confused. Many Gurus talk about various methods for meditation”

“For me, meditation is not a skill or academic subject to learn from any Gurus. A Guru can teach his perception or concepts of meditation…If that suits you, follow it…But I began meditation with a rational mind as I had healthy disrespect to all Gurus and Scriptures…”

“What technique you used…?”

“Shenoy maam, meditation happens naturally when our mind sees the limitations of all techniques, tools, methods or guidelines…Any tool or technique will make you slave of it. You will remain addicted to it. It can’t help you to cross-over, liberate or realize…Meditation, as I see, is de-conditioning and conscious awakening from a state of sleep.”

“What do you mean by sleep? How to wake up?”

“It is just waking up. When you wake up from the sleep (concepts, perspective, conditioning) you become aware about the divinity within you. You will know you’re a perfect person with all your imperfections.”

“Ok…I can understand it in a conceptual level…But how did you reach there?”

(Excerpt from my book “MIND YOUR MIND: Turn Frustration into Fascination” )

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4 Responses

  1. k srinivasulu says:

    Meditation is very high subject, very very few person s have caliber to guide.
    U need to know lot of correct things aboy meditation. Fortunately i am in a position to guide u. So far i have helped more than 1.2 lakh people to know and practice Heartfulness Meditation without charging any fees by spending my salary savings.

  2. Raghavendra Kamath says:

    There is nothing left to learn from people who cannot learn to respect Gurus and swamijis of Samaj. I find such persons very disgusting, who relinquish golden opportunities to learn nothing, but the truth, from the revered Swamijis.

  3. rakhiarun says:

    Here who is giving and who is receiving Sir ?

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