Marriage Compatibility, Premarital counseling, Match-making, Married Life and Divorce

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  1. sampuran says:



    Respected Uday Sir! heartiest namaskar unto you for doing this great job of creating awareness.
    Sir! please write about pros and cons of masturbation.Today lot of youngsters are doing this.

  3. sowmya says:

    So true… U have pinpointed perfectly… Especially I like the last paragraph.. How true it is.. Just wondering if at all the Indian culture will have it’s place again… But Kaliyug has to end.. So all these will happen for sure..There are more to see.. This is just the beginning.. This body won’t be alive to see the end of this yug..Our future generations gonna experience a lot. Everything happens according to the plan of God… Let the world come to an end soon and new era begin…

  4. Sushmita says:

    Dear Uday Jim
    Excellent article. You are vrry true.

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