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  1. v r krishna says:

    you are right on one thing ‘it is placebo

    once a childless woman was going from Dr to Dr from temple to temple and swamiji to swamiji with out any result. On day their villagers brought a fellow who rarely talks but with supposedly “supernatural powers”.The childless women went to see him and told her problem.not knowing what to do he was rubbing his hand on chest.Not having a bath for a while he acumulated a lot of dirt on body, he made a pill out of the dirt and gave it to her.she faithfully swallowed the PILL.Lo Behold she had a baby in 9 months
    Great Placebo!

  2. S.kulandhai vadivel says:

    Dear Sir,

    I was suffered from thyroid problem and kidney disease, kindly help me and tech mantra for cure and improve my health.

  3. Sri says:

    Liked it. One more mantra I like most is
    Na ‘twaham Kamaye raj yam na swargam na punarbhavam
    Kamaye. dukhatapthanam. Praninam aarthanashanam

  4. R.A.GOYAL says:

    Very nice discussion. I also follow two golden rule and recite my favourite mantra at 4Am daily for about one hour.It is very enlightening.Thanks

  5. hastimalbarola says:

    very nice discussion, i will also try to follow two golden rule speacially early to bed and early to rise. thanks , god bless you always

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