How to connect and/or talk to God?

“Have you really seen Shri Krishna? Have you talked to him? Can we really talk to God? Will God reply? If it was pure imagination, how come you revealed few unknown secrets?”

These are some questions that reached me after reading my article “Interview with Krishna” ( ). Many people asked me similar question “Can we connect to God?”

My answer is “Yes and No”

Science knows that there is a consciousness which manifests into the whole universe. Religions call it God and describes it the way blind men narrate elephant. Philosophers call it collective consciousness. An atheist calls it energy. The Star Wars call it ‘The Force’. Enlightened masters call it The Infinite. Our ancient Vedic sages realized it as “Brahmam”. For ease of use let’s also call it God.

“Yes, you can connect to God, in a way, for sure. Whether you both talk or not solely depends upon you” I said.

“Uday, did you meet Krishna or was it just imagination?” this was the question asked by Arunima Madam, a retired teacher.

My answer would again be “Yes and No”. But I told her this: “Madam, you can try first and let me know the answer.”

“How can I do it?”

“First, let’s use logic and rationale here. You pray to god, right?”


“What makes you think that God can hear your prayer? If you say God can hear your prayer, then how come he cannot talk, touch, see or eat? What makes you believe that God only has one sensory organ – that too only for hearing your prayers? How can God possess only one selective sensory organ? It doesn’t make any sense. So, logically speaking, a ‘hearing God’ can talk too…”

“Yes Uday, I also can believe that God can talk. But how come I can’t hear what he says?” she snapped.
“Which is your mobile phone Madam?”

“Samsung galaxy. This is a present from my son.” She has shown her smartphone.

“Who is your network service provider? Or whose connection you are using?”

“I am using BSNL connection…”

“Do you get coverage everywhere?”

“Almost, but in some places it goes out of coverage area.”

“If you don’t have network, what can you do with the phone?”

“I can still take photos and listen to music”


“I can also use it for basic functions like calculator, calendar, torch etc…”

“Yes, but without network the phone has very limited use. If there is no network connection, you can’t talk to anyone through the phone, you can’t hear also. Right?”


“If there is connection, the same phone has unlimited usage (especially if a latest 4G or data package available) which is limited only by your ideas…You can do a million of things with the phone…”

“Yes Uday – today’s world revolves around mobile phones. You can do almost everything if you have connection.” she said.

“A human being is like stand-alone phone with hardware (body) and operation system software (brain or mind). A stand-alone human has just basic and limited functions. But when a man gets connected to the cosmic network, he becomes limitless. He can get connected to the vastness of cosmic consciousness or the infinite.”

“Can we receive and send messages to God like that phone?”

“You may. But, if you are like a standalone smartphone (or any device) without connection, you can’t.”
“Yes. I understand that. All we need is the network connection. How to get connected…”

“God has inscribed an inbuilt program in DNA with his signature exclusively for you – it may be called the “self”. The Self is always stay connected. It is like the SIM card. But we switch off the connection. We keep the self inside a thick shell that can prevent network connection and jam the signals. This shell is known as ego. It’s not a physical shell, but a virtual one. Ego is software.

That software is developed using multiple codes known as brain-washing, beliefs, conditioning. So, you are identifying yourself as the manifestation of ego. Ego separates you from the connection. In other words, you are keeping the self inside a signal jammer shell.”

“Uday, I understand what you said. The conditioned mind or ego controls us. So we get separated from the real self. And we identify ourselves with the manifested ego. I think I am the manifestation of ego. That’s what you meant, right?”

“Yes. The manifested you is living a superficial life controlled by market-media. The market-media decides your faith, belief, concepts, values of life, life style, emotions etc. It tells you when to cry and when to laugh. It tells you what to think and how to think. Your manifestation is a slave to the market media. When you think of you, you are thinking ONLY about your ego and NOT about the self within that shell.”

“How to break the shell of manifested ego and go back to the real self? What’s the path?”
“Each and every individual in this word is unique. So a generalized path won’t work…”

“What about meditation, yoga, prayer etc.?”

“I cannot say what will help whom. Most of the meditation methods available in the market will not break the shell. Most likely and possibly such tools only could change the colour of the shell. You will develop different kind of ego which will claim – I have changed or I am spiritual or I am different from others or I am a yogi etc. The ego disguises itself into different form, that’s all…On the way of enlightenment you may even develop a subtle ego – ‘I am humble or I am surrendered’. But, the ego remains. You have to break the shell to connect the self to the infinite.”

“Many scriptures and gurus advise many practices…”

“Millions of paths are shown by Gurus and scriptures. It may have worked for many. But there is no security in any scriptures and Gurus. Something may work for some people at sometimes. It can take you from one level to another level of mind. But it cannot release ego. You can practice anything – but there is absolutely no guarantee that it will break ego. Ego can appear in many forms. It can even create a false or fake connection to cosmic. Haven’t you notice, when you browse some website can appear from the cache memory even if you don’t have connection?”

“What about the total surrendering to God?”

“It MUST have helped. Unfortunately, you are surrendering to a concept of God, which is in your memory (ego) as described by the religion you follow. Any concept clinches with ego. A total surrender to the infinite can kill the ego, but if you are brain-washed by a concept of God it becomes impossible task”
“Hmmm… How to overcome that?”

“There are few ways. Being in the intense presence can break the shell of ego. Awareness can kill the ego. The moment you realize that I am NOT that manifested, the shell will break and your program ‘self’ will open up for the connection…”

“Yes, I want to reach that state. How did you manage it?”

“You are asking me about a path again. I don’t know your path. I know only mine. God gives different question paper to different people. If you copy my answer, you won’t pass the exam. Just like the finger print, everyone is a unique preposition…”

“Okay, at least tell me how could you attain such a state?”

“That, I am happy to share. I am not able to break the shell forever. Sometimes I can, but then it regenerates itself and changes the color. I have found my way to freedom from the manifestation. That freedom is neither in detachment nor in attachment. I should be aware about the self, irrespective of any situation. For instance, I am happy if I am alone. I am happy if I have company. But I have not crossed over anyways. To be honest with you that awareness is not sustaining. Ego keeps on popping up and creates shell within no time. So, my connection is limited to few moments. In those moments I can be what I want. I can talk to Krishna or I can experience the Brahmam. But sadly, I am not able to be in that state of being always.”

“Oh, even one glimpse of it needs sadhanas of many births…That one moment makes the life worth living for.”

“Yes. It’s not at all my achievement – it just happens. But I am very sure that many people in this world has accessed to the cosmic consciousness. But we won’t know them, until and unless we get connected. They are not famous people. They don’t create cults. They live happily, doing the best for the environment and the world they live within their limited capability and die happily. Yes, nobody can ever know them or see them. We are blinded with ego and separated from the connection… So, how can we see?”
“So when you are connected you can access to the collective consciousness and access the memories of our ancestors like Krishna, Rama, Vivekananda etc…”
“Brilliant. You are right, depending upon the strength of the connection you may be able to access at least part memories stored in the consciousness.”
“Once we get connected, what happens then?”
“You will realize that you are integral path of the infinite and become one with it. That’s the point you will proclaim Aham Brahmasmi (I am the Infinite Reality). So don’t go out of coverage Madam, always try to stay connected!”

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