Is Wearing a Bindhi Relevant Today?

abcI have been to Hong Kong ten years ago. I had a press conference there. I took my family along with me. One day evening, I found the group of journalists from Mainland China taking photographs of my children. I asked them why.

A lady who can speak English (I remember her English first name only – its Vicky) said: “The red dot tattoo above their noses is beautiful…”

I said: “Oh Vicky, it is not tattoo, it’s known as Bindhi.”

“Why do they wear it?” she asked.

“It’s part of our tradition, our culture,” I said.

“Then, why are you not wearing it Uday?” her friend asked. Very logical question!

My wife laughed and said: “Men do not wear bindhis. It’s only for females.”

“Vicky – it is like this. Females wear kumkum (vermilion), a mixture of turmeric and lime, between their eyebrows. It is known as Bindhi. Males also wear, but mostly sandalwood (Chandan), a bigger mark. It is called tilak…” I explained.

“Uday, your wife has put that powdered red material in her forehead, that’s not seen in your daughters head!” her next question.Please continue reading at

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