Is the Word “Hindu” of Foreign Origin? Use Common Sense!

India“The word Hindu has foreign origin…Europeans scholars state that the name ‘Hindu’ is a Persian corruption of ‘Sindhu’, resulting from the Persian practice of replacing ‘S’ with ‘H’…Persians could not pronounce the name of the Sindhu River properly. So they called it Hindu”…”

“The term “Hinduism” came into common use only in the 19th century, by the British…The British writers in 1830 gave the word ‘Hinduism’ to be used as the common name for all the beliefs of the people of India excluding the converted Muslims and converted Christians….” (The New Encyclopedia Britannica 20:581, ‘Hinduism’ was a name given in English language in the Nineteenth Century by the English people to the multiplicity of the beliefs and faiths of the people of the Indus land.)

This is what scholars and historians teach us. And the convent-educated, well-cultured Indians swallow all these hard theories without even adding little water. Ironically, there is no concrete evidence for any of these theories, whatsoever!!!!Please continue reading at

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