Intention Makes Lots of Difference in Your Life

“What makes you happy?” a reader’s WhatsApp message.
A proverb says: “Don’t climb a mountain with an intention that the world must see you, Climb the mountain with the intention to see the world…!”
If we climb the mountain with the intention to be seen by all, appreciated by others, or for a prize/fame, or with any other expectation, we may end up in sorrow, disappointment, frustration, or depression.
If we climb the mountain to embrace the challenge, enjoy the air, and behold the view, we will be happy and joyful. When we see the world from the top, we may even clap hands and jump up like kids with excitement, happiness, and joy. There will not be any rooms for disappointment. We will only be happy. That means intention makes a lot of difference in your life.
And, if the world sees us and hails us, that’s an additional bonus. It can be considered as an extra blessing too. However, that is not in our hands. It may or may not happen as there are many variables that we don’t understand.
In short, you have the right only for the work you do. And you absolutely don’t have any right over the result (reward).
Here, climbing the mountain is your karma, but you have no control over whether the world would see you or not. But it can be assured that if you find happiness in the karma you do, you will only be happy. Just do your job, embracing the challenge, enjoying the content and the context, and by beholding it’s view.
If you understood the proverb properly, you can easily understand what Krishna said in Bhagwad Gita approximately 5000 years ago. He said: “You have no right on the result of your karma, but you do have a right to do your karma” (Karmanye Va-adhikaraste, Ma phaleshu kada chana). That is a cosmic law, a scientific truth.
For example, a student’s karma is to study. He has the right to study. Whether he gets the first rank is not in his control. The student studies just not for securing the first rank. When he studies, he learns. Be happy about it. Whether he gets the first rank he should not be too happy or too sad about it.
Find happiness in what we do, and do not on the expectation of result. If the result is good, consider it as an additional bonus! Your happiness will be multi-fold then.
How did it reflect in my life: 100s of readers who have been reading my articles for the last 20 years used to tell me: “Udayji, why don’t you write in the mainstream media? You can earn much more fame. Why don’t you monetize? Why don’t you do videos? Speeches? Organize lecturers?”
I have only one answer.
My karma is just writing. It makes me happy. I write with the sole intention of writing. I write for my happiness. So I write ONLY for my website where I have absolute freedom. That’s a limitation too – I can’t expect any money, fame, or name. I had decided not to write for any other publications other than my website and social media platforms (though I let anyone share those articles/blogs for non-commercial use). Obviously, I am just doing my Karma and I know I have no right to any rewards for it. (Even I had chosen a profession that is related to writing – as a journalist)
There are millions of writers who could write better than me. So, my articles need to reach ONLY to those few who are destined to read them. I am happy with that too.
If you read my writing and appreciate it, I would be happy. If you criticize it, I still am happy as I know I have much more room for improvement. Some readers share my articles, translate and publish them in various media – that’s also an extra that I don’t expect. Some readers say ‘you saved my life, or flatter me saying, ‘no one writes so simple yet most profound’, some people say ‘this is just crap’. Some readers are so happy that even offer to help me, should I need anything!
I get at least 50 messages, e-mails calls together a day from readers. They share their problems with me – they consider me as their trusted friend, even without seeing me! Isn’t it an additional source of happiness? I try to respond as much as I can – it also gives me happiness. I have got a lot of friends all over the world through my writings! They love me because they like my writing. All those things are additional bonus rewards for me, right? I didn’t expect such things while I write. And I don’t have any right over that. Aren’t those blessings of the existence for my Karma!
I told her: “So you also have to focus ONLY on your right – that is your Karma, do it earnestly and do not worry about the result, you will be happy, always! The poet P.S. Shelly said – O, wind if winter comes, can spring be far behind? That’s a natural law.”
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