‘Inshaa Allah’ and ‘Hari Iccha’ in Our Life

Few months ago, a reader – Abdul Gafoor- sent me a WhatsApp message. He is a South Indian settled in New Delhi. His question was if there is any formula to overcome fear, stress and tension in life.

“Udayji, I have read many of your articles related to mind and it’s functioning. I have tried some methods that were illustrated in those articles. Still I am not able to cope up with many worries in life. Sometimes, I really feel extremely stressed and scared for no reason too.”

I asked him: “What’s the distance between Delhi and Agra?”

“Ji, from my place it should be around 240 kms if we go through Taj Express Highway or Yamuna Expressway…”

“Do you drive a car?” I asked him.

“Yes, I do…”

“How much time would it take for you to reach Agra then?”

“Why are you asking such questions Ji? Are you testing my psychological capacity anyways?”

“No…Nothing like that – I am not a psychologist. I love driving…so I am curious to know…”

“Ji, I go by moderate speed only, probably 60 km per hour. So it should take 3.5 to 4 hours…”he said.

“Yes. Going by simple arithmetic, it must be true. If you go at a speed of 60 kms per hour, you can cover a distance of 240 kms in 4 hours…”

“Ji, I asked you about my mental condition…and you are diverting our talk to mathematics…”

“Let me clear my doubts before going to your mental condition…Are you sure you can reach there in 4 hours?”

“Oh, I understand…you might be testing my mental ability to drive…yes, I am sure that we can reach there in 4 hours. When are you visiting Delhi? It would be my pleasure to host you and take you to Agra and Taj Mahal…”

“Thank you. I will visit someday… So, in an ideal condition you should reach Agra in 4 hours…”
“Yes Ji… Hundred percent…”

“Abdul, I wouldn’t say 100%. I would put it as 99%. Because many things can happen in between. Your car tyre can get punctured. You may experience a breakdown. Or there can be an unexpected traffic jam or road block. You can fall sick. Worse, you can face with an accident – your fault or by somebody’s fault, right? In that case, this four hour time frame doesn’t work…”

“Yes Udayji…”Abdul said, “So we have to provide a cushioning time always, that’s what you mean, right? We have to take everything into consideration and if you want to reach in four hours, you may have to give an extra 2 hours in it, right?”

“Right, in some bad cases, like accidents, you may not even make it too….”

“Hmm. Yes…”

“This is how we plan life too. Based on available data, conditioned inputs, assumptions and our limited knowledge, we plan everything in life. These plans happen knowingly. Sometimes, subconsciously also such plans happen. We plan things and expect it to happen as per the plan, because we think we know things. We know ONLY what is fed in our brain. Not a bit more than that. There is nothing abnormal in it. In fact, for ordinary human like us there is no other go too. As a human we can live like this only. And mostly – that is 99% – things may work out according to our plan. But there is one unknown factor too. There is a variable of 1 % which we always oversee. On an information level we know about this unknown factor or mysterious variable, still in ground reality we always oversee it.”

“That’s right Ji…”

“In some cases – it so happens that (there seems no known or apparent reason for that) this 1% variable becomes more powerful than all the 99% together. This variable is totally unknown to us. It can happen to anybody, anytime. For instance, you are going to appear for an exam which you are confident about winning with full marks, because you have studied well and worked hard on it. But, if some questions are asked from the areas which you have neglected or ignored what will happen?”

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  1. phanfilo kabue says:

    I have found this really beneficial. Such jewels of knowledge you share. By Gods will! Makes one always remember the source of things.
    Gratitude and Contentment in Gods will on our life

  2. Rajeshwari Rapata says:

    Hari iccha… Beautiful write up.Life app with a godly code.

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