secureLong ago, Roy Kurien, my college mate and close friend during PUC asked me: “How are you going to live without a secure government job?”

He was concerned as I had not registered my name with the state government’s employment exchange…A government job was considered as the biggest boon in life then…I was the only student in my batch who didn’t go for registration.

I met him recently after so many years – he is now a senior gazetted officer in the local government administration. Re-union with old buddies always gives immense pleasure. He welcomed me whole heartedly. He expressed his genuine concern: “Uday, you are still a rolling stone….I had inquired about you and heard lot of conflicting reports on your jobs…”

“Yes Roy….I was not able to stick anywhere…”

“I am not saying a government job is great. It is so monotonous and honest people cannot make money too…But it gives you a real sense of security in life” Roy said.

“It depends, Roy, upon how do you define security of life”, I said

“Are you not feeling insecure, Uday?”

“If I have to feel insecure, I need to have a concept or definition of security. Only the insecure may strive for security…I don’t really understand what you mean by security…”

“Now, you have a family to take care… and you still don’t have a permanent job…I know you have declined fabulous job offers from abroad too…”

“How can I take up a job if I don’t love it? I am really happy with what I do as a freelancer. As long as my brain works and hand moves, I can make a contented living out of it…”

“Don’t you think it is you are ahankari (egoistic)? You will regret this – you could have easily scored IAS during those times”

“Roy, you indirectly feel superior when compared to millions who do not have a permanent job. This image of superiority makes you feel that I have ahankara. Yes, I could have joined any stable media or elsewhere and reached to a top position – but that was not my idea of life and still not.”

“What will you do if an unfortunate event of you falls sick or bed-ridden occur?”

“It can happen to anybody, Roy. What would you do if it happens to you? The pain and sufferings are the same for both of us – irrespective of the jobs that we do. Do you think anything – money or relationships -will help you then? We cannot predict what can happen to whom – so what’s the point in living a life with fantasized fear for the future? I am ready to work till my brain and hands work, after that, I do not know. And I don’t want to worry about something that I do not know”

“You were a job-hopper worked in more than 15 media firms in a short span of 25 years, that’s what Vishwesh (another friend of ours) told me! Had you at least stuck to one field in journalism, you would have established and excelled in that field…I know your talent!”…

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  1. Mahesh Shenoi says:

    Annu…. You have humbled me with your words. When I read your article, I feel I am directly reading from the divine existence….This is no attempt to flatter you…Can you publish a book, with all your articles?? We never know 50 years down the line, your website or Fb may not exist. A book might exist, which might guide the future generations..

  2. Sushmita says:

    Respected Sir
    U r absolutely right. Ur thoughts are so deep n correct.

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