Radha“On the one hand there is the cult of the Kama Sutra and erotic temple carvings and on the other prudery, hypocrisy and lip service to the ideal of chastity…”said my friend’s son Adi.

“Very true…Indians have a notoriously ambivalent attitude towards sex…” Adi’s friend said.

“Yes, the Hindu Mahasabha burnt effigies symbolizing the western culture celebrating Valentine’s Day. That too in a country which has a temple in Khajuraho filled with couples in explicit sexual positions…” an elderly person said. Then he turned to me: “What’s your take in it, Uday?”

The venue was a marriage hall for evening get- together connected with relative’s wedding. The subject of discussion was Indian’s hypocrisy over sex.

“I have a couple doubts- if you can answer it, I can join your talk…” I told them. They agreed.Please continue reading at

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  1. himani says:

    Good perception.

  2. Rashmi Vidyasagar says:

    Well explained..cant really contra comment at prrsent.

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