collageRecently I went to my youngest daughter’s school for Open House. There was a long queue and I was waiting for our turn.

Suddenly, a very well dressed gentleman came near me and asked: “Uday sir, do you remember me?”

I have very poor memory.

“I am Antony Padathinkal sir…20 years ago I had come to visit you with cakes and pastries. I survived my bad time and progressed in my business thanks to your business column – we always remember you in our prayer. That column was very popular and you had got awards for best columnist. Then why did you stop writing sir?” he talked in a single breath, indirectly trying to either please me or praise me.

“Antony, I stopped writing about business and technology. But I still write, not for publications but only for my website.”

“That column was fantastic – lot of businessmen used to talk about it in gatherings… What do you write about currently sir?” he asked. Every gesture of his has had an oiling effect. I knew something was coming…
“Mind is the subject of my research now….”

“Ah – In fact, I was about to contact people like you….So you might know, human beings use only 10 percent of the capacity of brain? Only Albert Einstein had used 15 % of it to explain his cosmic towering intellect…”
“I didn’t know…”

“Yes…we use only 10% of the brain. 90 % is idle, unused and will go damaged…Imagine the wonders if we could access 100 percent!”

“Who told you this utter nonsense? My understanding is our brain works 100%. Even if a small portion goes idle – a few millimeter of internal capsule damage – you will have stroke….”

“Really? Okay, whatever, but I wanted to tell you about the modern scientific discovery. There is this mind empowerment midbrain activation programme for young children. A midbrain-activated kid can tell the colour of your shirt, read messages in your mobile and even cycle – all blindfolded…” he said.

I was not convinced. He could read it from my face.

“I have seen the demo personally. Those blindfolded children can see, read hundreds of pages in minutes, see objects behind walls etc…I am fully convinced of the efficacy of the programme. I was planning to take franchise in my wife’s name in Ernakulam. It’s just Rs 25,000 for a two-day workshop – your child would be a super kid. I know lot of parents would enroll their kids – wouldn’t everyone want their kid to be super one? I have even planned an advertisement catch-line: Want your child to be a super kid? Get him mid-brain-activated!!!”

“Antony, seeing is not a proof. I have seen magicians raise sleeping man to open space; defying gravity…You are going to take gullible parents for a ride…That’s inhuman.”

“No sir. There is scientific basis for this. There is midbrain that lies between the left and right hemispheres in the cerebrum. Once awaken, you can unleash the tremendous potential of the kid…Don’t you know about mid-brain?”

“According to my knowledge midbrain is present in all mammals and has nothing to with intelligence. It is part of the ‘Brain-stem’, which has three portions – Medulla, Pons and Midbrain. During the evolution of the vertebrate brain, the mid-brain decreases in size while fore-brain increases. The mid brain is a very small portion, just part of the stem, not the huge portion as you claim to be inside the brain. Intelligence is related to the cerebral part of the brain – it has nothing to do with mid-brain”

“But I am told that the midbrain is the middle connecting part between left and right cerebrum”

“In elementary biology itself we are learning that the connection between right and left brain is corpus callosum. It has no relation with midbrain….” I smiled at him.

“But I am told that there is a peenal gland inside the midbrain. Everybody sees through eyes but with midbrain activated, children can see through peenal gland, the audio visual CPU of the brain…Children can do any activities using blindfold, thanks to this peenal gland.”

“Antony, I have not heard of such gland. There is a small PINEAL GLAND. It produces Melatone. It has nothing to do with sight. It is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It is just a gland like thyroid….”

His face fell. “You mean to say the entire concept is wrong?”

“Not only wrong, it is laughable!”

“So the stimulation they do using some equipment is just eyewash?”
“I have heard as part of medical treatments for disorder like Parkinson’s there is need for selective stimulation of the brain under expert’s strict supervision in specialist’s hospitals. But if you use any electrical equipment, it can prove to be harmful as in normal children; high frequency stimulation could also lead to conditions like epilepsy, which is why one has to be careful while subjecting children to it. There are complaints of increasingly distressing ‘voices’ or auditory hallucinations following children being subjected to such ‘mid-brain activation’. Any artificial unscientific play with brain could result in the development of psychosis”

“But, brain has super powers, right?”

“Mind doesn’t possess any super power, Antony (Read ) – it is all fallacies and bedtime stories. Please don’t ruin your children chasing those advertisements..,”I said.

“So there is no scientific method to make children into intelligent superkids?”

“DNA study links variations in intelligence to large numbers of genes, each with a small effect on individual brainpower. Genetics determine the heritability of a trait in a specific population. Intelligence is known to run in families, but no single genes have yet been identified that can be reliably linked to mental ability. That’s why our ancestors developed “Varna Dharma” and asked us to follow it without fail. Some genes can lay dormant for long time and then pop up suddenly that explains the reason of brilliant kids in not-so-brilliant families…You cannot artificially develop intelligence. You cannot produce super-kids.”

“I was expecting my younger son to get mind-brain activated and make him super kid after taking franchisee…But when you say….Sir, I lost confidence now,” Antony said.

“Antony, if you cross over the mind, there is no end for any powers. Your mind or brain is like a small stand-alone computer. When the PC gets connected to internet, it unleashes unimaginable powers. Similarly, if you get connected to the collective consciousness (In Indian, i is called call Brahmam) then you can access anything in the universe. That’s how our ancient sages had seen the entire universe as well as micro neurons in the human body…” I said.

“But how to access the Brahmam, I am a Christian, you know,” he asked.

I couldn’t help laughing. “I just used the known word Brahmam to represent unknown things. Any human can access it.”

“It would need lot of efforts sir. Can you tell me what to do for my boy’s overall development? He is in the fifth standard now”

“It is very simple. Ask your kid to get up at 4AM. Ask him to do 13 Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation Yoga). Take bath and begin study before Sun rises. He should go to bed before 10PM – you will get wonderful results. This is what our ancestors taught us.” .

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