Sanatana Dharma and Hinduism

sd“What is the difference between Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma (SD)? What’s Hindu Dharma?” – Joseph Sebastian, a young reader, asked me. Seemingly simple question!

“Unfortunately today’s Hinduism has been designed, evaluated and advocated on the basis of Semitic thoughts…” I said.” Hinduism as you see today is mostly the distorted version of Sanatan Dharma.”
Let’s see the difference between SD or Hindu Dharma that was founded upon Vedic traditions and where do today’s Hinduism and its practices stand now.

1. Sanatan Dharma is strictly for the truth seekers. It doesn’t promote any beliefs, though believers also can be a part of it (inclusiveness). The belief-based religions are introduced by Semitic cultures. The believer can not be a truth seeker. If you question beliefs, you are an infidel and out of the religion. Because, according to them, the ultimate truth is already given in the Holy books and one shouldn’t question it. All you have to or can do is blindly following it. There is no scope for truth seeking in religions. SD is about individually seeking and experiencing the cosmic truth and seeing divinity in each and everything. (See
2. Lot of Hindus today say: “I believe in creator”. But the great sages in SD (our ancestors) had pooh-pooed the irrational belief in a creator god as a childish idea some 7000 years ago itself. If there is a creator, who created the creator?Please do not compare the Semitic belief of a creator god with that of Lord Brahma. Brahma is not creator; he is the mythological “ancestor” in Hindu puranas. (See…/)

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