Hinduism and Child Marriage

childWhile I was travelling to Fort Lauderdale from Seattle, an old lady sitting near me talked about India. She has been a social worker.

She said she has collected donation to send to various charity organizations and NGOs in India to save girl children. “Recently, I read a newspaper report saying that child marriages still happen in many parts of your country. It is so pathetic…”

“Yes, I have also read reports that such deplorable things happen once in a blue moon in India.”

“The article says that your religion advocates child marriage and according to Hindu Holy scriptures it is mandatory that one should marry during childhood. All Hindu sacred texts promote child marriage. Had it not been for strict legal system, all Hindus would have married at tender age itself.”

“You are absolutely wrong. Vedic society knew nothing of child-marriages, nor is it mentioned anywhere in the epics. On the contrary, all the marriages mentioned in our historical epics are between men and women who had attained puberty.”
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