My dear hackers! An appeal by Dr.Udaylal Pai

This is the fifth time my site is being hacked!!! I am upping the site again with whatever remains with me.

I have launched my first site in 2002 (udaypai dot net). I stored all my articles and stories(scanned material from print media too) in that site. I have been in the field of journalism and writing from 1983. So anybody can guess how many articles and stories that I had in the archives.

The site was hacked and destroyed sometime in 2007, I didn’t know about this until few more months, by that time, the site has gone to some unknown Japanese. All my articles and stories have lost. It was very upsetting and sad situation. Then I rolled out another site – udaypai dot in. But just two articles – “Am I a Hindu” and “Please stop Brahmin bashing” resulted the site hacked and destroyed four times! The hackers claimed that they are from West and Middle-East.

When the hacking happened for the first time, I was really shocked and broken – all my published articles – both print and online that I have collected and scanned have just gone to thin air. That’s what I had as my savings in life. All I had had been disappeared. I felt grief-stricken for some time. But then, I realized, this is a cosmic wish…what can I do about it.

And another thing that would have angered fanatic hackers could be, my stories were lifted and published in various publications which were in-famous for its religious fundamentalist views (This happened without my knowledge)….and that might have put me in the hit list of other religious fundamentalists…so, my humble request to all those who lift the articles in guise of supporting me, please let me know your identity. I am not a fanatic religious follower like you…

One of my friends told me that he has a tech-help who can trace back the hacker and destroy his/her site. I remembered the following story:

Once an old Brahmin went to the river to bathe. There he saw a scorpion struggling in the water. He rescued the scorpion from drowning and lifted it in his palm and started walking toward the bank. No sooner had the scorpion recovered than it stung the old Brahmin on the palm.

In pain, the old Brahmin instinctively flung his hand and the scorpion fell back into the river. As soon as the sadhu regained his composure from the sting, he again lifted the scorpion out of the water. Again, before he could set the scorpion safely on land, the creature stung him.

This went on for several minutes as the sadhu continued to try to save the life of the drowning scorpion and the scorpion continued to sting his saviour’s hand.

A man nearby told him to stop saving the scorpion that kept stinging him. “Are you nuts or what? It will only sting you again. Leave him to his fate. Let it die. Your empathy is of no value to such a creature”
The old brahmin just smiled and somehow saved the scorpion. The the old Brahmin smiled happily. The man asked:” Hey, the scorpion has continued stinging you each and every time you try to carry it to safety. Why didn’t you give up and just let it drown?”

“My dear friend, the scorpion was only following his dharma, his nature. It is the dharma of a scorpion to sting. My dharma is non-violence and save its’ life. He is following his dharma and I am following mine.”

The hacker has a corrupt DNA. This is the real difference. I can trace back my gotra or DNA to more than 3000 years to Vishwamitra or Aghamarshana. I have a tradition.

But hacker doesn’t know from where he has got his DNA. While my ancestors were calculating the distance of various galaxies and planets in the cosmic, his ancestors were crawling in all fours.

His DNA may be traced back to man-eaters or invaders who raped and killed innocents. So, it is not his mistake. He is following his culture, his dharma. And I am following mine. So, I will up the site again and if he wants to hack and destory it again, let him do it. With maliciously corrupt DNA, a hacker cannot think anything else. He is simply doing his dharma. For a pig, the human shit is most tastiest food. Can you change its set of mind?

The foreign invaders killed thousands and thousands of my ancestors – Sarawats – in Kashmir and Gandhara desa-regions-(part of today’s Afghan-Pakistan included) area. There is no sarawat brahmin in these regions now. Can you quote a single incident of a saraswat killing an invader? Let alone killing, any violent act from sarawats?

The brutal and fanatic brabarians from Portugese mercilessly persecuted and killed my forefathers who refused to get converted, in Konkan-Goa. Can you show me a single example of a G.S.Brahmin killing a Portugese?

Non-violence is our culture – this is what the cosmic divine forces had taught us. But a non-evoled human being cannot understand the strength of non-violence. (I remembered the Na’vi cult in the Hollywood film “Avtar”) This is the difference. It may take few more thousands years for them to understand the power of non-violence. But nobody can help it. Can you convince the pig about its delicious food?

I can see a truth as I see the sun. My ancestors taught how to live in tune with nature (surrendering to mother earth and not destroying it) and happiness. All other outsiders directed us so that we stay addicted to non-essential things in life. We are made to believe that enjoyment, pleasure, comfort and facilities are most important things in life, and seriously mistook these things for happiness. Unfortunately, most among us follow them. And forgetting our ancestors.

Please note that, I don’t have to defend our culture, our god or our tradition – it is sanatana dharma. Do you need to protect the sun? Do you have to fight for the existence of the Sun? NO. Sun is an absolute truth. If anybody says sun is not there, you don’t have to argue.

When a man feel insecure about his belief or god, he fights to defend it. You can’t help it. Violence is cowardice. The real strength is non-violence. I understand that belief has nothing to do with the truth.

Yes- I don’t have to resort to any violence, if somebody tells me the Sun is non-existing. My sentiments are not hurt by such comments. For, I know the Sun is there. I am not insecure as I am part of the cosmic. It is an absolute truth. Truth doesn’t need a crusader, it is plain truth.

I don’t think I can transform anybody. Nobody can change the mind-set of a hacker or terrorist. But it is our dharma or duty to inform them, that there is something known as “non-violence”. There is something known as cosmic love. And to experience the cosmic love, one has to come back to essentials in life and stop chasing non-essentials. Anybody is welcome to live like a Brahmin. it is true, at the end both the Barbarian and the Brahmin will die. But with a major difference – in terms of the quality of life and serving the nature.

I will continue telling what I know as truth. I am not promoting any beliefs or any religions. I don’t seek support of any institutionalized commercial groups formed in the name of religion and spirituality. I know there are hundreds of people who think like me. Our culture is safe in their hands and I believe in purity in their DNA.

So dear hackers, I feel sorry – no, not for you, but for your ancestors – those cross-breeded semi-evolved humaniod-like living things. You can be proud on your achievement of the animal DNA in you. Congrats!!!

Udaylal Pai
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16 Responses

  1. amarnath radhakrishnan says:

    if these cross-spieciesed creatures (hackers) try to destroy the site once more, then make sure that they will never do it again.. remember ‘kamandalu tatva’.. we are all with you, Uday ji.. lets share and care..

  2. kamalesh says:

    u r doing a really great job. just put all these in fb so that it ‘ll b protected and easily accessible

    – kamalesh

  3. Tyson says:

    Really liked what you had to say in your post, My dear hackers! An appeal by Dr.Udaylal Pai Let's share and care – Udaylal Pai, thanks for the good read!
    — Tyson

  4. Karen says:

    The fact that, over the millennia, vrauois scholars/scientists/ thinkers have infiltrated the ranks of religionists and documented their concepts and findings in vedic texts (that in turn remained valid forever) had clearly convinced me that this faith is beyond blind belief and superstition. How on earth could thay declare that the creation is beginningless and endless some 5ooo yrs ago (RigVeda circa 3500BC) is beyond my comprehension. Additionally they offered an olive branch to all future faiths, saying truth is one and wise call it by different names (RigVeda)’. In this setting it is not needed if one should doubt one is a hindu or not .White/other people make excellent hindus. They are actually studying the vedas and upanishads and hence are more knowledge based than most born ones .If I say welcome then Iam asserting Iam somehow there ahead of others, thats an example of ignorance on my part. Instead I say lets pray together. On a sidenote, any thoughts on why the sages claim that what all we see out there’ is all maya (illusion)? Lets rev up the debate a bit dear pundits. Cheers. Surya, Chicago.

  5. Dear Uday,

    We all know that hacking is modern day practise, as such we have to be alert and on our own toes. Back up is the fine practise one cannot ignore.

    • Nazareno says:

      Hi Chris,I deeply repsect your beliefs and have profoundly enjoyed the insight in your posts, especially the ones where you write about your journey to Hinduism.Before I write further, I would like you to excuse me for giving you more information than you need.I couldn’t help noticing that you are a follower of Sanatan Dharma. In India, it is well known that the Sanatan organization is one that spews venom on Islam, and some of its members have been involved in a blast at a theatre where there was a so-called anti-Hindu stage performance (there was nothing anti-Hindu about it though, as it only talked about a certain social evil of India. However, their organization denounced the blast. But the police still maintain that their organization had knowledge of them). Sanatan Sanstha is known for its library of anti-Islam books (I am no supporter of Islam, and dislike their worldview, but I wouldn’t insult them none the less) and their hate speeches.They have managed to guise such activities under a veil of spirituality, Hindu values, charity and theology. You wouldn’t know of it as it’s not something they advertise in your country. If you ever have a chance to visit India with them, you probably won’t notice anything outrageous, as you will in all probability have a guided tour that will mask the reality.I was born and brought up in a conservative Hindu household, and learnt about Hinduism right since birth. Their theology is indeed very convincing. However, in practice, Hinduism is no different from Christianity, Islam or the likes. The equivalents of “Sunday Schools” of Hinduism in India give similar reasoning and talk in similar derogatory ways about other religions. Hindus support the practice of the caste system, where every year, thousands of the lowest castes -the Dalits- are killed every year for reasons as trivial as entering temples. (Dalits, being the lowest Hindu castes- determined by their birth, can’t enter temples). You have to take one good look at the Ganges to see what Hindus have done to it in the name of Hinduism. The plight of women is terrible. There are just a few aspects of Hinduism.Hindu theology is historically inaccurate, and has been shown to be fallacious at the theoretical level by many an author (Amartya Sen, a Nobel laureate, calls himself a Hindu atheist, and he has written a lot on the issue). Hinduism has had many movements that came out as a rebellion against it, and two of them have even become religions themselves – Buddhism and Jainism. In fact, the nastikas were probably the world’s first atheists, and they came out of Hinduism, while still practicing Hinduism as a way of life. Amartya Sen calls himself a modern day nastik.All I’m saying is that Hinduism is a religion like any other. You’ll only notice the similarities from within. I’m sure the Hindu philosophy looks very attractive from outside.I apologize if I have offended in any way.Love and peace,Siddharth.

  6. Vinay says:

    back up all the contents..thats the only way to protect them…

    • Doni says:

      Siddharth, sorry, you seem really diouslisilned. Maybe you need to get your head checked. Or maybe you are a Muslim in disguise. All religions are not equal. Hinduism never raged holy wars, Hindus never occupied other countries and forced conversions on anybody. And the plight of dalits is not as bad as what Africans had to go through in the USA and in the ancient Arab world when they were slaves. You mentioning that is like the pot calling the kettle black or even worse. Millions of Hindus are killed during Muslim invasions and many more millions are converted to Islam by force. And now India has the largest Muslim population in the world.The most important fact is Hinduism never had anything to do with the plight of Dalits. It is a social problem but historically since Hindus were the only people in that area, this problem gets associated with Hinduism. And Hindus are doing a lot to eradicate this problem. Probably Christianity has more to do with slavery than Hinduism has with the dalit problem.Another fact is Atheism is not born out of frustration in the Hindu world. Hinduism is the only religion that lets its followers be Atheists if they want to. So don’t tell us that some Hindus are frustrated with their religion and became Atheists. NO. Hinduism allows it unlike your Islam or Christianity. That is the kind of freedom you get by being a Hindu. Get some education and some insight, please. We cannot afford more and more people like you in this world.And the bottom line is Hindus have no hidden agenda, there are not spending billions trying to convert the whole world to Christianity ( and they are not calling anybody Kafirs(vermin)/infidels because they are not Hindus.

  7. anupama singh says:

    dear udayji,

    isn’t there a method to protect websites being hacked. i readd the above two comments, to protect oneself against a barbaric act is not against humanity.


    • Estuardo says:

      comments and whatever enesud. I think its odd, and kinda hilarious, how ppl prejudiced of Sanathana Dharma, or any other older religion/spiritual path always happen to peek there nose in these types of forums and what not, and go on slandering, complaining and giving their much unappreciated(and usually uneducated) opinions. I come across this sort of situation every time i go on YouTube to be enriched by my adopted culture. By now Ive learned that just as one wouldn’t bark back at the dog that’s barking at you when u pass someones home, one shouldn’t even acknowledge these peoples comments and opinions. We’re obviously not dogs, and we’re obviously thought to be better and know more than to even throw a rock at it. Yes, it boils our blood, yes its degrading to us as a species that these sort of people exist, but hey reference the great hymn that we know:पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात्पूर्णमुदच्यते ।पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ॥That is fullness/perfect; this is fullness/perfect. From fullness/perfection, fullness/perfection comes out. Taking fullness/ Perfection from fullness/perfection, what remains is fullness/perfect.Which i take it to mean- EVERYTHING is As it Should be. Great blog you have going here btw! Its inspiring, something us non-Deshi people need!Anbe Shivam, and Dhanyavd

  8. Sebastian Joseph says:

    Dear Dr. Uday,
    Thank you for directing me to this site. You need to protect your valuable site. Otherwise, your effort will be lost, you have to pass it to the next generations. Non-violence principle against barbarians, will not help always. Nature will take thousands of years to restore what a man destroys in an hour. Similarly what you have built up with years of effort could be destroyed by a hacker within minutes, so should be protected against attacks. This is true to our Nation also. Though we follow non-violence as a principle we need an atom bomb to protect or scare our enemies away.



    • Sandra says:

      Thank you very much for creating such a wodufrenll blogsite As by name you can easily imagine that i am a born hindu. i am a 19 year teenage living in india .but never understood the importance of my religion. It might surprise you that I started getting close to reading blogs from westerners like you only ya sometime i was inspired by Swami Vivekanada. i Think the wester Hindus are bringing back the glory of sanatan Dharma and trying to sread its message through out the world. You People are Creating a better Hinduism in west, than what we are practicing it in india as far as i know hinduism is a Sanatan dharma it treats equally how can it stop one from following this path i would proudly say You all are hindu..and most welcome to my faith infact you people showed me the way its just beacause of little minded people who doesnt allow a outsider to accept hinduism.who cant think beyond some limit. everyone is most welcome to my religion irrespective of colour and destination.Thank You Vey much I ll keep blogging here.

  9. bkjagadish says:

    Charanasparsh Pranams Uday Ji !!!…..

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Chris,Great blog, much of it reflecting my own thuothgs and questions. Like you I’m a white UK citizen who has been heavily drawn towards Hinduism. Having rejected Christian faith at an early age too many rules, burning in hell, guilt, shame etc etc I came across Buddhism for a short spell in my teens. It felt good but I took another path of being a wild teenager and lost my way!Over the last five years or so I’ve been seeking a closer contact with God’ however you want to see him. Books came my way’ and I was hooked.I was brought up in South London, so was always around Indian people. My first ever memory (9 months old!) was of an Indian lady friend of my mum in a saree serving dinner. On a work trip to Tamil Nadu several years ago I arrived jetlagged in Chennai. I met my Indian colleague and we set off, I had the overwhelming sensation that I had been there before. The chaos, the smell, the poverty etc that usually amazes us westerners just felt so familiar. All I wanted to do was get out on the streets and visit temples. My Hindu friends did take me to lots of incredible temples on my visits there but generally wouldn’t let me out the hotel! My interest in Hinduism and it’s teachings just deepened and deepened. It is a path that makes sense for me.As to whether I can call myself a Hindu, I really don’t know. It kind of doesn’t really matter I suppose. I read, I learn and I follow the path to the best of my ability. Does one really have to be born into a Hindu family to be a Hindu? Again, the path is there for all to take, should one choose it.Anyway, I could rattle on for ages but I won’t. I will keep an eye on your upcoming posts and read a few more that you have already written,Thanks, Andy

  10. Dear Uday,

    The story is from the Upanishads. But all the interpretations till now have been wrong. Because of the wrong interpretation of the concept of non-violence or Ahimsa India has been enslaved by the aggressors for more than 2000 years.

    The story of the Brahmin and the scorpion is not a true story but a metaphorical story or Bodha Katha – a story to know the truth. Factually the Brahmin can not save the scorpion from drowning in water in spite of innumerable stings. This is just impossible. One sting is enough. Then what is the moral of the story? The moral of the story is that the animal has animal instincts. Since we have also evolved from the animals there is every possibility that some human beings also have animal instincts. This is how our Vedas and Upanishads talk of Rakshasas, Manvas and Ishvaras.

    The Brahmin can always save the scorpion from drowning with the help of a stick or something like that. That is keeping his bare hand away from the scorpion. That is he can safely save the life of the scorpion if he wants. It is basically a wisdom story.

    The scorpion could have been killed. This is one option. But nothing can be killed as per the Vedas and also as per the modern science. Not even an electron can be destroyed. The other option is, one can remove the poison glands of the scorpion. This is a second option. Remember, scorpion poison is also useful in medicine. Snake poison is an antidote for the snake-bite. But this way we will be stopping the spiritual growth of the scorpion. The third option is that the scorpion can be taken to a modern zoo. The fourth option is that the scorpion could have been saved safely without getting stung by the scorpion. It could have been left in its own animal world. This would have been the best option. The wisest man will do this if he can or simply leave the place.

    The same is the case with the hacking of your site. The hackers are constantly attacking Microsoft and Google servers. Sometimes from China and sometimes from some other part of the world. The problem is not with the hackers. The problem is not with the scorpion. It follows its own nature or Dharma. But a good human being is not following his true nature. The true nature or Dharma of a Brahmin is to be a Dragon but with the heart of a child. You have to ensure the safety of your platform and safeguard your treasure. There is no other way.

    You took the example of the Sun. Sun is giving us life. Without the Sun the life on earth would not have been possible. But look at the Sun. It is so benevolent. But it does not allow us to capture or encase it. The moment we try, we will turn into ashes much before reaching it closely.

    This is how the story of India should have been. You will be surprised to know in the year 1947 one dollar was equal to one rupee. One pound was equal to one rupee. One franc was equal to one rupee. Not only this, this situation continued till 1959. Look, we have again become slaves in a different way. In a most modern way we have again become slaves. Why? Because of following the wrong concept of non-violence or Ahimsa.

    We have to understand the true meaning of the Vedas and Upanishads and work towards India’s renaissance. Thanks!

    • Mohan says:

      Dear Pai

      u r doing a very great job which needs to be protected and I really agree with Avadhoot Dhandekar. Even our Krishna has fought against the demons to save the mother earth and all living beings. Pls save your work and protect the site with the help of pragmatic thinking personnel.


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