Gods – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

GodsSometime ago, a Russian Bishop called Krishna “Satan”. Many Christians say Hindus are devil worshipers. Many Muslims say Hindu gods are animals and worshipers are infidels. Atheists would call Indian gods primitive.

In their perspective, they are telling truth. The picture of Kali appears horrible for a modern westerner. Krishna, Vishnu, Shiv are dark or black guys. Many Hindu gods are ugly looking and physically handicapped. Some have extra hands, double or treble heads, tails etc. Naturally Hindu gods appear funny, ugly, bad or horrific to the modern world.

“Look at Jesus Christ – he looks so handsome, tall, trimmed beard, blue-eyed, a Caucasian or Westerner. Like a good looking Hollywood star,” an agnostic told me in comparison to.

These comparisons make Hindus unhappy, upset and angry. I get such questions related to Hindu gods and Puranas (Stories of ancient times). “Uday sir, your Rama didn’t take care of his wife. He has left her in forest to die while she was pregnant.” or “Krishna had thousands of wives.” or “Kunti had pre-marital affair and had a child!” or “The funniest part is 33.3 crores gods! The heaven should implement population control, or it would burst…” or “Uday, all gods are carrying weapons. (And still you Hindus talk about non-violence) The Puranas or stories of ancient times are about wars and killings!”Please continue reading at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N9PAGLT

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4 Responses

  1. Prashant Malik says:

    Nice article sir, every atheist should read it. Commenting and correcting are different things. People have forgotten the difference, now a days people just comment and even if they want to correct you they are not willing to listen/change and respect other people beliefs. But sir honestly god has given you a gift to convince people who are mislead by modern media about hindu gods and to be precise ‘Sanatan Dharma’. Good work and krishna bless you!! 🙂

    Sir i request you to please put some light on “Sanatan Dharma” if you have some time. I know nothing about it but i see, you can help us!! Please shed some light over this.

  2. Vishwas says:

    Firstly, a good article. Secondly would like to tell that all the logic is the output of our belief/thought. If we understand wrong, then our logic would be wrong. I think the reason why all these are misinterpreted is due to the language. For eg. Bible is written in English, Quran written in Arabic but our Puranas or other epics are written in Sanskrit which merely people can understand.

  3. pavan kaur says:

    I wonder whether there is a bishop in Russia! And anyway even if there is one he may be a local one and not part of World Christian community. It is better you ignore such comments as the RSS and BJP ones are making baseless comments on other religions. You just read Puranas as stories and no body including the RSS chief may think that it is all truth.It is a fun that the RSS is getting money from American NRIs to fight other religions.The Pais and other illiterate coastal Konkan Hindus are the most fanatic ones

  4. Jayalakshmi M says:

    dear uday sir,

    amazing reply. You are a treasure to our community.

    with namaskars
    jayalakshmi M

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