Are Gods Non-Vegetarians?

Yesterday, a person from my neighbourhood and his friend (unknown to me) – who work in favour of banning cow slaughter and use of beef came to see me. Their purpose was to invite me to preside a meeting on this hot subject on June 1st.

“Udayji, you have been a great advocate of vegetarianism and have written many popular articles as a proponent of vegetarianism. Lots of youngsters follow you. It would be great if you can preside the meeting and deliver a speech about how our scriptures insist on vegetarianism. As you know Hindu Gods are vegetarians and will get angry if you kill animals and birds.”

“Ji, generally I avoid most of the meetings. Further, I will be in Chennai on June 1st, so I can’t come. I have not seen any of the Gods eating food. So, I can’t say if they are vegetarians or not. And to the best of my knowledge, no Hindu scriptures insist that you should be vegetarian…”

“Mister, have you not read Bhagavad Gita? It clearly says that one has to be vegetarian…” his friend told me.

“I don’t remember reading such things in Gita. Can you please elaborate?”

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