What Does God Look Like?

“Uday Sir, all over the world people have varied shapes, forms, colours, sex and looks. I am a science student and I really want to know what does God look like…” George Thomas, a reader of my website wrote to me.
“It depends upon your perception and concepts about God…” I told him.
“No, but of course, God doesn’t have four hands, extra limbs and tail as you Hindus worship…” he said.
“What makes you so sure? Till this day, nobody has seen God. Then how can you be so sure that God doesn’t look like that?” I asked again.
If you ask children in developed countries, “What does God look like?” most of them would say: “He is very old, has a long white beard, bushy white hair, and wears a flowing white dress or robe.”
Somehow, when it comes to God, everybody acts like children.
According to Hindus, the skin colour of Krishna, their God, is bluish-back. If you portray Krishna as fair-skinned, they would get angry, though they have affinity towards fair skin.
How many Christians would agree if I say that Jesus Christ was short, bald and fat? He was truly Asiatic with features characteristic of Asian race . But all over the world, people believe that he i blue-eyed, thin-faced, trimmed bearded, tall,  and well built Caucasian,. Even African blacks and Chinese subscribe to this Whiteman’s supremacy theory.
Ask Christians, why can’t God be Black or Chinese? They won’t agree to that idea.
If you ask a Muslim he will say: “There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the All-Hearer, All-Seer.” They believe that God is formless. If you tell a Muslim that God has a form, he would definitely get angry at you.
For Hindus, God comes in many forms and in various sizes. Probably the wildest array of display can be seen in Hindu portrayal  of Gods.

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by Udaylal Pai (Author)

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