The God Fanatic! Who is the Most Powerful God?

“Hi Uday, I have been reading your articles on God and Mind. Recently I have read that few Hollywood Stars performed the last rites of their close relatives in India to reach heaven. When I searched about Hinduism and other religions, I found it is most confusing and complex and do not understand which is the most powerful God. I have a situation now. I need blessings from the most powerful God in the universe. Whom should I pray?” a message from a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant who does not want to reveal his name.

“I do not know which God is most powerful. People have different concept of Gods in different parts of the world. ISKON followers believe that Krishna is the God-head and he is the supreme God. For Muslims, Allah is the only God. For shaivaites, Shiva is the supreme God and the entire universe is his. Yahweh is the single God for Jews. A slightly different version of Jews’ God, Jehovah, is the God for Christians. Sikhs believe in Nirankar or Akal Purakh. Most African societies believe in a single Supreme Creator God Chukwu. Embu religion revered a god named Ngai who lived atop Mount Kenya.”

“Yes, I know, that’s confusing me. Who is the most powerful among them?”

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