Whom Did God Create First: Man Or Woman?

“Uday, did God create man? Religions and beliefs say so. I have been reading your articles in your website and found your answers are logical or scientifc. That’s why I ask this question to you. Please don’t ignore this. My teenage children are questioning our beliefs…Also tell me what does your Hindu scriptures tell about this” this is a question from Paul Janssen, a European reader who is an ardent follower of Christianity.

Now, let’s look at some hardcore beliefs of various religion.

1. God created man (Male).

2. Male child is blessings and female child is a curse.

3. You won’t get heaven if you don’t have male grandchildren.

Before going into those beliefs, I have two questions. Can anybody answer them?

1. Why do men have nipples?

2. Did Adam (the first human being created by God as per Semitic beliefs) have belly button?

If you have the answers to these two questions, then you know all answers . If you don’t know, please read on…

The default setting of Homo sapiens (human being) is female. NOT Male. If at all there is a creator, ‘it’ should be SHE who created another She! Why?

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