From Frustration To Fascination


From Frustration To Fascination

“Dear Uday, I have been reading all your articles on your website. I am living in the US for the last 40 years. I do meditation, prayers, rituals, read all Puranas, etc. I am a very spiritual and strict vegetarian. Still, I am frustrated and depressed. I am suffering from some diseases too. I want to talk to you – please send me your phone number if you actually ‘care and share’ (Or is it just a fancy caption of your site?)?” This was the gist of a letter from Mrs. Nandini Raman.

I replied to her: “Relax. But who told you that you won’t get a disease if you do follow all those so-called spiritual practices?” I gave her my contact details.

She called me the next day exactly at the time I told her. She is feeling sort of alienation – her husband passed away. Children have grown up and settled elsewhere. Grand-children are almost Americans. She is still a Desi in mind and totally frustrated. “I have read your articles many times. You always maintain if we realize the real self we would be happy.”

“That’s right…”

“It’s easier said than done. How do we practice it in life?”

“What’s your favorite TV program?” I asked. “What?” I repeated the question. Then she said: “I get ‘Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev’ (a Hindi program) here in New York” (This article is written long ago)

“You are seeing it on your TV screen, right?”

“Yes. My son got me the latest LED screen TV…”

“Good. You are seeing the program on the plain LED screen. When you watch the program, the LED screen doesn’t disappear. But you don’t notice the screen as you are involved in watching the program. The screen is not showing up, that’s all. But it is very much there. You overlooked the screen because you were fascinated with the program…”


“You lost sight of the screen as you are getting attracted or immersed into the program. Good. Can you recognize the screen during the program? No. You are aware that the program is just an illusionary display happening on the screen; still, you won’t recognize the screen.”

(Excerpt from my book “MIND YOUR MIND: Turn Frustration into Fascination” )

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3 Responses

  1. Vishwas says:

    Very true, we search for eternal happiness and but we forget that happiness is internal. We must not forget even though we see the light outside, the enlightment is from inside.

  2. S.murali says:

    This is exactly what ramana Maharishi says. It sounds plausible – except for the ‘overcoming mind and body experience ‘. But hopefully one day we will all be able to.

  3. Ramanarao Mallampalli says:

    I am compiling some matter on “IndriyOpaasana,PraaNOpaasanaAatmOpaasana,PraNavOpaasana,Ekaadasha BrahmOpaasana, which also deals with “Aham Brahmaasmi’,”Tatvamasi Brahma’, AandO Brahma’.

    If u practice with sadhana, u may achieve param-aatma.
    Though u are in live world, wordly pleasures will not deter ur.path to attain peace.

    I am a small fly in whole world; not a swamy, not a guru, but,the above is my opinion.

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