From Frustration To Fascination

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3 Responses

  1. Vishwas says:

    Very true, we search for eternal happiness and but we forget that happiness is internal. We must not forget even though we see the light outside, the enlightment is from inside.

  2. S.murali says:

    This is exactly what ramana Maharishi says. It sounds plausible – except for the ‘overcoming mind and body experience ‘. But hopefully one day we will all be able to.

  3. Ramanarao Mallampalli says:

    I am compiling some matter on “IndriyOpaasana,PraaNOpaasanaAatmOpaasana,PraNavOpaasana,Ekaadasha BrahmOpaasana, which also deals with “Aham Brahmaasmi’,”Tatvamasi Brahma’, AandO Brahma’.

    If u practice with sadhana, u may achieve param-aatma.
    Though u are in live world, wordly pleasures will not deter ur.path to attain peace.

    I am a small fly in whole world; not a swamy, not a guru, but,the above is my opinion.

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