CasteA friend in Germany, Heidi Ryan, asked: “India still has the evil caste system. Do you believe in Caste, Uday?”

“Yes, Indian caste system is definitely evil in current form…”I agreed with her.

“But I saw few pics of you performing some funny rituals. Why do educated people like you follow ancient ridiculous evil caste system? Do you practice the inhuman untouchability too?”

“I follow my culture, tradition and rituals in special occasions of family…But those rituals are not ridiculous. We do not practice untouchabilty. And I am not aware of any caste system that was prevailing in ancient India…”

“You mean to say there was no caste system in ancient India?” she laughed! “I know Indian history too…”
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13 Responses

  1. Brigadier Y S Rao says:

    A very revealing article. This needs promulgation all over the globe.
    Many stotras and even Rudram pray for the welfare of all people without any difference. Regrettably, Brahmins did not know, and even to day do not know , how to market the thinking behind all the rituals and vedic recitations. They do not highlight that the mantras they are chanting, and various prayers that are being offered are meant for the welfare of the community as a whole, and not for a particular sect or caste, and not for themselves only. As a matter of fact , you find quite a few from outside the Brahmin community very well versed in the scriptures . Even to day, one finds some vedic scholars among muslims particularly from Kadapa district( Now known as Dr Rajasekahar Reddy dt) of Andhra Pradesh. .

  2. A very learned article which needs to be widely circulated specially to this leftist and Indian politicians (Indian enemies) except our great PM shri MOdi ji. This should be in the minds of the people on and off as the memory wipes out very shortly.

    Prof. Dr. Patel

  3. RAJAN says:

    I heard that Brahman in earlier days used to sacrifice animals during yagas
    They also used to eat meat.

  4. Kartik says:

    Brahmanoke bare mey oolta sida bolaneke bajaye,jhadoo lo aur swachata abhiyaan mey hissa lo desh sudharega.

  5. Vrinda Sharma says:

    Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing. Many thanks

  6. ujjwal says:

    Mr. Pai is telling us to understand the common sense which is not very common. Don’t stick to the word “caste” or “varna” or “supporting” or “rejecting” it. The truth is there are alwaya 4 classes of people brahmin(scholar), kshatriya(administrator), vaishya(bussinessman) and shudra(those other than above) on the basis of their own virtues. Whether u like it or not, u will find these 4 classes everywherein all the times. Our system studied its scientific background, that is called varnasystem. What’s wrong with it? Offcource it is based on virtue (not on birth), but there are better chances for a child to learn skills of his family. So it descended as birth system and later it was started to be taken as granted and thus further deterioration took place. Now the present system is almost corrupted, very few are trying to maintain those standards, so I think this “caste” word should not be given so much importance.
    Better we should focus on serving the divine purpose of being incarnated as human beings according to our inclinations and capabilities which is common to all…

  7. Harbans Lal Badhan says:

    I don`t believe in caste and untouchabilty. As Indian Caste system is more dangerous and harmful than chemical weapons. It (Indian Caste system) divides the society. It (Indian Caste system) kills the democratic institutions and secular character of state and society. It (Indian Caste system) is also an enemy of social justice, equality, liberty and fraternity. Indian Caste system slaughters the fundamental rights and human rights of an individual. It (Indian Caste system) is also a great challenge and threat to world peace and unity. Indian Caste system is more cruel, violent and worst than any kind of Racism or slavery system. It (Indian Caste system) is also an enemy of economic and scientific development and progress. If you want to save your state, society and civilized culture annihilate Indian Caste system.

  8. Rashmi says:

    Mr. Pai, getting into to the nitty gritty and the detailed study of any community in India, i repeat “ANY” community, you will surely find a rough patch. Hindus, Muslims or Christians, Brahmin or Shudra, general or OBC, religious or Atheist somewhere or the other every section has suffered at some point of time then why make talk about only Brahmins? As you you said you why should i be punished for what my forefathers did!! Very correct, and the same goes with you Mr. Pai, why are you talking only about Brahmins, others who are suffering aren’t they humans?
    Talk about poverty, lack of opportunities, Lack of education system, etc etc for ALL…….. not just Brahmins!!!
    And the same i would say to somebody talking about their respective caste, Region, or Religion !!!
    DON’T DIVIDE THE SOCIETY IN THE NAME OF REGION OR RELIGION…….divide it in terms of development, up-liftment and progress!!!.

    • Mera says:

      Rashmi, you have completely misunderstodd the article. Pai is not saying only brahmins are suffering. Its an article focusing only only one issue with some facts and opinions of course there are other problems in the world. At what point you thought he was dividing the society? Please dont make outrageous staements just for the sake of it.

  9. Karthikeyan says:

    Dear Uday,

    I am need few clarification here.
    1. In India many of them are working in IT industry. They are coming from different caste system and shining here. A farmer’s son willing to do IT job or a doctor’s son want to do Engineering. How do we handled this in our varnasharma? Do we have choice of choosing our karma in our caste system.
    2. Even Karna in Mahabharata was denied to learn artelleries based on the caste. Why should we restrict the person based on birth and caste.
    3. why the Brahmin’s not sharing their good knowledge (veda shastra/Carnatic music/Natiya etc) to others. Is knowledge is only to a caste? Even corporate’s controlled by a person belongs to this caste, give promotions based on caste rather than talent.
    4. Though Jamindars practiced the caste/untouchability, does any Brahmin came forward to say it was wrong. They encouraged it instead of correcting it.
    5. Final question is, why the Brahmin priests are misleading about the Hindu religion. Ex: Do this pooja/parikara for your problem. Ex: there is a separate lunch given to Brahmins in Udupi Temple, then a normal person. Non Brahmin are not allowed to perform duty to god inside the temple.

    Brahminism is the way of life. Buddha & Mahavir were Chatriyas and took the Brahmana way of life. This is my understanding.

    My opinion is, the previous way of caste also need equality treatment which was missed and we are in the miserable form now.
    Sorry, if my views are hurting anyone.

    • suraj says:

      1) Even in IT industry, there are divisions based on designation… Software professional, SSP, Tech Lead, Manager…. In an organization based on skill, expertise and nature of work, divisions occur. If you see society as a big organization divisions occur. Even if caste is not there, divisions based on some other criteria will exist.

      2) In older days based on caste no one is considered as great. Based on how they do their designed work, a man’s greatness is judged. Adi sankarar did the cobblers work perfectly.

      3) Again it is based on designation. If you are a manager, there is no need for you to learn about the security person work as your expertise will be used on a particular area.

      4) Jamindars did not considered themselves as high because of their caste, It was really because of the land and wealth they had compared to others. In older days even brahmins were dependant on zamindars. (Brahmins are restricted from doing any other work other than they were designed) Zamindars called then “unja viruthukal’ and gave small amount of yields to brahmins as bhiksha. Yes brahmins were considered as beggars by zamindars. When such is the case how they can raise voice again zamindars?

      5) Once a person is trained and got expertise in handling a certain work in a lab, he will be allowed to go inside the lab, where as if a man without any preparation suddenly wants to enter lab, he will be prevented. Even if a brahmin has not taken bath, he will also not be permitted inside the temple. (here they themselves will not go until they have taken bath)

      • Mera says:

        Suraj, although i agree with most answers, i dispute on 4&5
        4) true, brahmins didnt have voice against zamindars but in many cases brahmins advised rulers and influenced them to make some heinous decisions. Brahmins need to correct this in current day and initiate fight against caste system.

        5) i’m a brahmin,for all my sins i havent learnt any upanishads, i dont do sandhyavandhan in fact i dont even wear the thread unless when im going to Udupi temple….. Im allowed through that special route because im a brahmin, which is not correct.

    • K Manikandan says:

      Could u pls give me a test mail on my mail ID. Regards.

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