Do Idols Emit Positive Energy?

“Scientifically speaking its an utter nonsense. In fact, double nonsense. The energy of an Idol is no different from the stone it was carved out from. And there is nothing like positive energy exists anywhere,” this was my reply. However, Hindu Vigrahas have some mysterious and miraculous powers, I will come to that later.

“But, Udayji you feel the positive energy when you see (Darshan) an idol and feel negative energy when you go to some dark areas. Even in science, you have negative and positive” said Sangeet, who asked this question.

“We have many plus (positive) and minus (negative) mathematical calculations just for the sake of scaling and measuring matter and energy. It has nothing to do with your idea of positive energy. It’s just a personal experience or feeling. Yes, I also experience a feel-good factor, when I get Darshan. People call the feeling, which comes from your inside, as positive energy ”

“Yes, yes, Udayji, yes, that’s what I meant – a kind of positive vibes…”

“Sangeet, I feel good because I am a practicing Hindu, a believer, and devote. Others won’t feel it. If there is a heat-energy, everyone, irrespective of the believer or not, should feel it. A Muslim, Christian, or an Athiest sees a Hindu idol won’t feel the same. Why? Their beliefs are different. A Muslim may get the same feel-good factor when he sees a picture of Mecca Masjid. Christian would get the same when he sees a picture of Jesus Christ. Others won’t. Obviously, it is a personal feeling and not energy. Let’s don’t mix up fact and belief.”

“But, I have experienced and know about the curative process of positive energy in the temple from a lot of people, Udayji…”

“When I attend a Mangalarti or Pooja at the temple, I also get goosebumps. I experience the elevation of my mind and body. It’s a great experience.”

“Yes, even you feel the energy vibes, then why do you deny it?”

“It happens because of multiple factors inside and outside. During a pooja, the sound energy comes from mantra recitation, temple Bell, temple instruments, and Conch Shell. The light and heat energy of Aarati and other lamps, the visuals of decorated idols, the smell of flowers, sandalwood, camphour, oils, etc – all together will take you to a different dimension….

(Excerpts from my book: MANTRAS and RITUALS: THE LOGIC OF HINDU SCIENCE. For further reading: ) You may visit Amazon site of your respective country and search “B093Z2M52M”

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    Interesting and something new i learnt today. Is this the same for our house altar too? Should we practice doing pooja with flowers etc…?

  2. Parasram says:

    Interesting information in this dark age. Thank for this enlightening information

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