Do Hindu Gods eat food? Do they get Indigestion then?

NaivedyamMy friend, Mohamed Ashiq Naseeruddin from Birmingham, UK told me: “Your gods might be getting indigestion! Millions of people offer them food every day….”

I initially thought it was a harmless joke. Neither our gods won’t get angry or insecure on jokes on them, nor do real Hindus get hurt on innocent jokes. I laughed. “Yeah, especially with those loads of chemicals in the food now-a-days”

“Seriously Uday Sir, I see Hindus offer food to idols and believe that gods can eat! I am not a religious hater. But isn’t this foolish and nonsense? ”

“Yes. Hindus do offer food to god. What we offer to God is Naivedyam. When it comes back to us, it becomes Prasadam. I also do that at home, celebrations and in temples.”

“See…even an educated journalist like you too… Don’t you know God won’t eat this food? Idol can’t open its mouth. God won’t eat or talk the way we human do. Offering food to god is very materialistic thinking. There is no spirituality in that. You people are so superstitious and Idiotic…”


“In fact God doesn’t need anything from you. But you need everything from god. So, all we should do is, pray to god…That’s what 21st century’s modern, cultured, educated people do…”

“So, god will hear your prayer…”

“Yes. He can hear the prayer. Not only food – but God doesn’t want anything. He is perfect and complete. Everything in this universe happens as per God’s will and wish…”Ashiq said.Please continue reading at

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4 Responses

  1. Eshwar says:

    Eye opener for me, I do normal rituals but never thought of offering fruits or navaid yam to god, just realized the worth of it thank you so much for enlighting us with this.
    God bless you

  2. Vijaya Sarathy says:

    Wow, wonderful explanation for offering food to God as neivedhyam, receiving back as prasadam. Significance of Pooja itself is offering whatever we received from this universe/nature out of gratitude. Indeed very lucky to come across your blog Pai mam, pranaam lo

  3. Venkat says:

    Truly Awesome. Lucky to have come across this page. Lots of interesting stuff!

  4. Prashant Malik says:

    Nice and precise answer!! And i learned the significance regarding the same. Thank You sir. You are truly blessed. 🙂

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