Did Krishna Support Polygamy?


“Despite having 16008 wives, people worship Krishna. Is he a role model for today’s husbands? Naw!”
“What’s wrong in having affairs? Why can’t I have multiple wives? Krishna had many wives, so why can’t I?”
“Krishna is a dirty immoral character. Having affairs with every girl he meets…”
“No, Krishna only had 8 wives”
“Even 8 is a bigger number yaar…Still you consider him as a God?”
“Krishna was a perverted man who loved to have many girlfriends and wives – what a Nasty character!”
“No – Krishna had only one wife. All other information is fiction…”
– I am quoting people’s comments and questions that came to me from various messages and e-mails. Did Krishna’s really have a lot of wives and multifaceted love affairs?
First and foremost, can anybody tell me how many wives Krishna actually had? 16008, 16010, 9, 8, 7, 1? Because various scriptures provide different numbers.
And, frankly, why are you restricting the number to approx. 16000? Krishna was a good singer. He was also very handsome. He was charming. He was always smiling too. Many Puranas say that many millions of unmarried Gopikas [cowherd girls] were also attracted by Krishna. He was known as “Shyamasundara” (Dark and very beautiful), “kandarpa koti kamaniya visesasobham”(He was so beautiful that His beauty surpasses that of billions of Cupids) and “Madanamohana” (Madana=cupid, mohana = enchanter; means Cupid enchants everyone in this world, but even he is enchanted by Krishna). It is even stated that when the wives of the Demigods saw Krishna from the heavenly planes, there were almost falling off the plane seeing Krishna’s beauty. If you add all those numbers too it could run well above a whopping 20,000!
What about Mirabai and Andal? They were also married to him!
Now, let me ask you a simple question: “Women had equal or more status of men in the Vedic and later Puranic period. The ancient world put wife’s name first while even addressing gods- Sita Ram or Lakshmi Narayan, Laksmi Narasimha, Parvati-Vallabha, etc. Krishna is adored as Radhe-Krishna? Radhe is not Krishna’s wife…Why his wife’s name was not added?” … From my book: “The Secret of Krishna’s Birth: Deciphering The Krishna Code”
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6 Responses

  1. Rajeshwari says:

    Lord krishnas main consorts are rukmani satyabama radha devi rest are all not as pure as them lord krishna haso mainly relation with these three and few other virtuous people women are his attendants rest of billions of them are only namesake lord krishna will not lose his purity whatsoever

  2. Dr vinita Puri says:

    Highly enlightening article clearing many myths

  3. phanfilo kabue says:

    you are a teacher. i love your posts.very well put

  4. sushmita says:

    Wonderful article as always Uday ji. the content of the article is enough to spread awareness and develop faith in our history and culture.

  5. Gowthami G K says:

    Sir kudoos to you and your knowledge bank…these articals are an eye openers to us…Thank you for this and hope to enlighten ourselves in future too…Thank you sir..

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