Did Krishna Support Polygamy?

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5 Responses

  1. Rajeshwari says:

    Lord krishnas main consorts are rukmani satyabama radha devi rest are all not as pure as them lord krishna haso mainly relation with these three and few other virtuous people women are his attendants rest of billions of them are only namesake lord krishna will not lose his purity whatsoever

  2. Dr vinita Puri says:

    Highly enlightening article clearing many myths

  3. phanfilo kabue says:

    you are a teacher. i love your posts.very well put

  4. sushmita says:

    Wonderful article as always Uday ji. the content of the article is enough to spread awareness and develop faith in our history and culture.

  5. Gowthami G K says:

    Sir kudoos to you and your knowledge bank…these articals are an eye openers to us…Thank you for this and hope to enlighten ourselves in future too…Thank you sir..

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